Countdown to Halloween!!

Beauty Tips
Zombie Face Mask- by: Coffin Critters

Costume Ideas- by: ForeverFall
Costume Ideas for the Seamstress in all of us by: Static White
How to make fake blood- by: AbyssalGems
Monster Gloves- by: Black Nick Sculpture
Polymer Clay Horns- by: Alternatevisions
Scabs or Burnt Flesh- by: Deviant Machine
Silhouette Costume- by: ForeverFall
Zombie Makeup Tutorial- by: zmbgraphics

Witchcraft Expose- by: CoffinCritters

Party and Home Decor
Creepy Carnivale Banner- by: Coffin Critters
Faux Pumpkin Carving - by: Custom Zombie
Gravestone Rubbings - by: EJPcreations
Halloween Tree - by: NacreousAlchemy
Labels for Apothecary Jars- by: kaleidoskopicromance
Make a "Crystal" ball- by: Coffin Critters 

Party Necessities
Elegant Halloween Party Invitations- by: Kaleidoskopicromance
Handmade Halloween Cards - by: Nacreous Alchemy
Printable Party Decoration Kit- by: The Zombified
Spooky Confetti Eggs- by: EJPcreations
Shrunken Apple Heads- by: Darkling Dolls
Tips For A Frugal Halloween Party- by: SWStitchery

Pop Corn Halloween Style- by: EJPcreations
Red Velvet Cake Eyeballs- by: Custom Zombie

Toys and Dolls
Braainnnnnssss crochet pattern- by: Fun and Fang

Daily Halloween Shopping

Featured articles throughout the month of October- by: WarningLabelCreations
Thousands of Halloween inspired items year round!- by: the EtsyDarkTeam

*Under construction* by EJPcreations
More to come every week so keep checking back!