Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shop of the Week: Glowreahhh.etsy.com

I work primarily in polymer clay and like to make beady eyed critters in particular. I also make unconventional greeting and holiday cards. More in the skulls and strange images vein, as opposed to flowers and puppies. Not that there is anything wrong with flowers or puppies, I just like my art to be a bit.... dark and creepy.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Happy Creature in the Pumpkin Patch

The Happy Creature in the Pumpkin PatchFrom AbyssalsCloset

A happy creature resting in the pumpkin patch and loving life! i know not all creatures are happy but this one is. He's surrounded by 5 pumpkins as if protecting them from others.

This is a set and they are all made with fimo and sculpey polymer clay and was put into a oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes to bake.

The entire set can be bought or if you wish to buy the pieces separately for halloween, please convo me for price.

Thanks for looking in!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vote on EDT's Thank You Graphic contest!

The Etsy Dark Team is in the midst of a "Thank You" graphic contest and we'd love to see our friends and fans vote (and help the designers win a prize :D)! So please follow the link and let us know which is your favorite!

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EDT Thank You Graphic Poll Sept. 2011 (poll 5529243)

xx ~Agony & Static

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shop of the Week: MetamorphDK.etsy.com

Two women failing horribly to comply with the standards of modern society decided to insist on the dream and took aim at bringing indulgence into the dark, romantic and mysterious to a hitherto unseen level.
With blood trickling from their dainty fingers and sweat running down their noble (or not so noble, depending on who you ask) foreheads they finally came up with a magic concoction: Custom painted corsets and accessories that would shroud the wearer in adventure and mystery and enable her to metamorphose into the image of her dreams... Read more here.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goth Ann and Andy...

They're available on Etsy...


Need some supplies for you zombie or undead accessories? Looking to start a zombie army? Well, check out my supply shop for all sorts of freshly arrived body parts, erm, beads. There's also my Zombie Hand Puppet PDF to get you started on your army and patterns to help you whip up your Halloween costumes. Although, for some of us, it's year round clothing, I know ;D


If you don't see the amount of beads you need, just convo me. I have more in stock of the Acrylic Eyeballs (in red, blue, green & purple), Sm & Lg Skulls.

xx ~Static

Friday, September 16, 2011

Elegant and Chic

A very classy and elegant piece of jewelry from me! Its also dressy and can be worn when you want to make a statement or to a formal event. Perhaps a very dressy dinner is where this piece can also be worn to. I wanted to get a close up shot of the pendant itself so you could see all the beautiful detail in the pendant.

This is made with black links and a very eye catching pearl pendant thats very beautiful and gorgeous at the same time!

Choker measures 17 inches in length and fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

Thanks for looking

pirate collar

This piece is also made with leather and has a skull and crossbones and a decorative black focal piece and a red faceted glass teardrop bead hanging from the entire piece. A great and incredible collar to wear just about anywhere you go, whether its to the clubs or to a special event or to wear everyday this piece is sure to catch the eye of many!

Collar measures 15 inches in length and fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

Thanks for looking!

Snake Collar

A great and awesome piece to wear to the goth clubs or any other gothic event! This collar is made with leather and a big metal snake pendant and has smaller black snakes dangling from it!

Collar measures 14 inches in length and fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

Can also be an added accessory to your hallween costume!

Thanks for looking at this amazing piece!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween Rings

Great for halloween or for that gothic/dark side that lies within you! These are 18 gauge wire wrapped rings made using buttons!

The buttons range from the skulls to the spiders and headstone as shown in the images above and to the right of this listing.

Rings are made on my wooden mandrel (more commonly known as a ring sizer) and hammered into shape to insure durability and strength.

Sizes are shown below

Skulls 7 1/2-8 1/2

Spiders- 8 1/2 (both rings)

R I P Headstone-8 1/2

When purchasing, plase leave a note in notes to seller, which ring and size you would like to have sent to you.

Thanks for peeking in!

Shop of the Week: TheMightySquirm.etsy.com

We could just slap a skull and crossbones on your chest, but we prefer that each of our designs serve as the beginning of a romantic, thrilling story that drives your imagination. Based in Los Angeles, we specialize in high-end, 100% cotton tees and gallery-quality fine art prints with designs that are chilling but light-hearted too.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Attack of the Batlings!

Okay, not so much an attack as maybe a cuddle, at the worst, a nibble.

Check out the new Batlings in my shop now!


Any Batling Ornament can be created as a Pin, any Pin can be created as an Ornament. Or, how about a Snap Clip?! Have a color combination of your own you'd like? Order here or if currently "sold" just convo me.

These make great Halloween and unusual, but fun, Christmas accessories and ornaments!

xx ~Static

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Headbands

I've already sold of couple of the latest batch of reversible headbands (just finished listing them today!) but here's a preview of what's still available of the latest ones:


Top row: Aztec Dreams, Sugar Skulls, Secret Garden

L mid, L bottom & R bottom: Day of the Dead Bonfire Party, Secret Garden 2, Madame Butterfly in Blue

I do have many more styles to choose from. You can find all of my reversible headbands and other spooky-cute goodness here. Or, maybe you're looking for my Zombie Hand Puppet PDF? It's hiding out in my supply shop, here.

Thanks for looking and hope to see you in the shops!

xx ~Static

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shop of the Week: GhostsaGoGo.etsy.com

Hey folks! Welcome to the wonderful world of Ghosts A Go-Go Toons!!!
Ghosts A Go-Go Toons are a mix of the old Pulp comic, Noir, and Steampunk with a little Tex Avery twist.
The art is for those who have a dark sense of humor and style.
So come on in and enjoy the thrills and chills that are... Ghosts A Go-Go Toons.

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A Discount and Pumpkin Patterns at CustomZombie!

Now through October 3rd, use code HWPREP20 to receive 20% off your entire purchase in my CustomZombie shop! Get ready for Halloween with cemetery photos, zombie portraits, divination tools, and pumpkin patterns! I'll be adding new items regularly so check back often!

Also, I'm now offering originally designed pumpkin patterns for sale - only $2 each!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ghost Girls...

They're available on Etsy...

Cinders Says: Putting it Together - Collaboration

Cinders Says: Putting it Together - Collaboration: It's come to mind that I've never really mentioned (well once a long time ago) that one of the ways you can accomplish great things is throu...