Friday, July 15, 2011

Braainnnnnssss Crochet Pattern- By: Fun and Fang

EDT's Count Down To Halloween!

Braainnnnnssss crochet pattern.

This cute but creepy brain, likes zombies...... for diner.
You can make him yourself by downloading this crochet pattern. It is easy to read and has clear pictures. The finished brain, will be a great party decoration or you can make him into a key chain and give him as a present to all of your friends.
Of course it is also the perfect decoration for Halloween! Put him into a little jar and he will help you scare everyone who visits your house. Click Here To Download Now

With funandfang, I try to combine weird with cuteness. I adore everything with fangs, so most things in my shop will have a fang or two in them. I mainly design crochet patterns, but I also make embroidery art and some spooky printables.


EJPcreations said...

It's so cute I just want to eat it up!!!

breakmydreams said...

Cute :) I would love to have him keep me company :)

Static White said...

Om nom nom, it's so cute!

Illustrated Ink said...

Awesome! I'm off to check out your shop!