Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Costume: A Silhouette

EDT's Count Down To Halloween!

The lovely and talented ForeverFall has come up with yet another amazing costume idea for all you darklings out there. Why not go as an old fashioned silhouette. Yes that’s right the classic black shape that has lined walls of homes for centuries. Here is how Miss ForeverFall would go about it…

Costume: A Silhouette 
What you will need: 
- Black wig 
-Black face paint or just a simple black mask 
-Black clothes 
-Be sure to wear either a black turtle neck, or a high-necked   blouse to cover most of your neck. 
-Black gloves, either satin or leather 

Getting dressed is pretty self-explanatory. If you choose to use Halloween make-up rather than wear a black mask, simply paint your face and the part of your neck that is exposed outside of your collar. When you paint with black around your eyes, be sure that you have make-up that is okay to use around your eyes. If it is not, you can use black eyeliner around your eyes instead.

It's as simple as that! Happy Haunting!!!!

 ForeverFall's creations welcome you to the realm for the strange and unusual. When she was a kid, she used to draw pictures of pumpkin towns where it was forever fall and the villagers celebrated this big on-going Halloween fest. With that in mind she creates items that could have been purchased at the markets in these make-believe towns. Hoping the experience that you may have in coming to her shop will reflect upon you in this same way. And that you too may feel like a child again, preparing for a spooky yet memorable evening of mischief and mayhem.

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