Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

zombie love is forever

meet Josselyn & Cotter
she is in zombie love and wanted to give her valentine the perfect gift....what better way to say I love you than with your own undead heart. awwwww. how sweet.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Hi, my name is Jodi... my dolls and their clothes are always completely hand stitched, and I always use vintage buttons as well as other unusual findings to aid in making each of them original, unique, and one of a kind.
I use only the finest quality supplies, I take pride in my work, detail is very important to me, and I continually strive to be a better artist.
The inspiration comes from my intrigue with creepy imagery, horror, gore, and my love of gothic and punk fashions.
I absolutely love making dolls and I am always thrilled to ship them off to their new homes.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New, 20% Off Sale!!

In honor of the winter season, Alternate Visions is now having a huge sale!!  Until December 26th at midnight (i.e. until the closing of Boxing Day), just use the coupon code "ALTHOLIDAY20" to get 20% off of EVERYTHING AV has to offer!!  Drawings, polymer clay goods, jewelry- it's all on sale!
So drop on by and check out the savings!  (Plus, new items will be up for grabs and ON SALE soon! :D)

-Again, just enter the code ALTHOLIDAY20 to receive a full 20% off of EVERYTHING in Alternate Visions' Etsy store, until midnight, Dec. 26th.  ..Hurry now, before the holidays arrive!!

Thanks for Your Support, and Happy Holidays!!  ♥♥♥

Best and Brightest Blessings,
Nae, (the Creatrix behind AV)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shop of the Week:

Check out my under $10 section, tons 'O stuff!
My ceramics are not gallery or museum-quality, they are home-quality. They are strong and sturdy and able to stand up to daily use. They are priced so that most people are able to afford them and so that you won’t feel like you have to only use it for special occasions. I fire only at cone 10, which means that the B-mix clay I use is vitrified and as dense as stone (hence, stoneware). You won’t find the fine art, froo-froo here, only real ceramics built for daily use!

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They call him... Mr. Cthulhu

I'm so excited !!! A few months ago I started a series of silhouette paintings. I decided to take my favorite characters from literature then transform them into silhouettes with a little Steampunk twist. So far on my drawing board I have Alice, Cheshire Cat, Colonel Brandon, and a few others. But today I finished my first and favorite... Mr. Cthulhu! It took me at least a month to get the wings just the way I wanted them. He is dressed as a distinguished Victorian gentleman with top hat, and high collard coat. Setting off his tattered wings, and undulating tentacles nicely. He is lovely hand painted on canvas paper with accents painstakingly detailed in India ink. I then accentuated parts of him with a color of green that I image Cthulhu to be. After the painting was all finished I mounted it on a large ornate wooden plaque, and placed my favorite quote about him on the back to honor his creator H.P. Lovecraft. I am so happy with it. It came out just the way I imagined it in my mind. Very dapper, yet retaining all his monstrous appeal with his alien eye gazing steely upon you till you submit to his horrific will.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Win My Artwork & help a great cause!!!

Want a chance at winning one of my Mini Zombie heads or some tattoo/rock related Dead Girl Decay??? Now is your chance!! Not only could you possibly win a piece of my art, but you might also be able to win many other rock and tattoo related items!! All by helping a great cause (freeing the West Memphis Three)!! All you have to do is visit this website and purchase a $5 raffle ticket!! That's it!!! You must purchase a ticket this week though, because the benefit concerts (featuring such bands as Mushroomhead and Michale Graves formerly of the Misfits) is this weekend!!
Website to purchase raffle tickets and learn more about the benefit concert is:

Win it and Help!
LDG Nicole

If you are not familiar with the case of the West Memphis Three, here is a link to a video to give you more insight...

To all of you out there that listen to heavy metal/rock music, wear black, read or watch horror books/movies, or have different religious beliefs or just enjoy being different!! Remember this could happen to any of us!