Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ultimate Zombie Makeup Tutorial

EDT's Count Down To Halloween!
Specializing in everything from album covers, to t-shirt designs, and even hand painted art mannequin heads this artist does it all. As well as gives us an amazing tutorial on zombie makeup. I personally can't wait to try this out.

The Ultimate Zombie Makeup Tutorial
1) Create a base coat of white using white tube Halloween make up. Covering the ears and neck as well.(to create a realistic coat)
- Don't use too much, use only a thin coat of white, leaving a little flesh showing through.

2) Outline all creases and check bones with black eyeliner(black lipstick for darker low lights)
-This builds the map for blending .
- Take your index finger and following the contour of your cheek bones and temples smudge the black
downward to make a gradient dark to light gray.Making the line vanish in the blend.

3) Using Silver, Grey, Green, Blue or Purple eye shadow. and either your finger or cosmetic sponge. Use a thing "dose" of your color choice, take
that color over the smudged black and blend down along the contour of your gradient black until desired "bruising" is achieved.

4)With the black lipstick, put only a thin line on the lips to give it the gray lip look.

5) With your finger or sponge, put a very small amount of black lipstick on then follow the eye socket(spreads easier than eyeliner).
- Using the color choice for temple and cheek bones, Blend over the black inward to create depth..and color.

6) Add blood and have fun.

Blood recipe:
Warning..This stuff gets MESSY!
1- Bottle of Karyo Syrup(Clear)
-Pour out a 1/4th of the bottle to create room for the rest of the ingredients.
1-Packet of Black Cherry Koolaid
4-Teaspoons of Chocolate powder, or Chocolate syrup
Use as much as you want of Strawberry jelly to add chunkiness,
Put water in to mix and slightly break down the sugar contents.
Then SHAKE until mixed fully.

Alternative to the chocolate: Use dark kayro, or maple.
The bad thing about maple is it smells horrible, and tastes just as bad.
The good thing about maple: It's more stringy/cartoony looking, and sticker
for a more grotesque look. And has a great color to it.
All forms though, if you get it on your clothes and don't immediately wash
It will harden, into a plastic like state, and will cause plastic like breakage
in said clothing.
There you have it...Instant Zombie, by ZMB Graphics.
Add water to fill the bottle..then SHAKE until mixed fully.

Zmbgraphics specialize in original/customized fine art, illustration, and graphic design. Not limited to and including: Album covers, T-shirt designs, banner design, business card design, sticker/button/and patch design. As well as portraits, custom work of any kind. If it can be drawn, zmbgraphics will do it.

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BlacknickSculpture said...

Thanks for the tutorial Zmb! I'm going to try and talk my wife into being my guinea pig so I can try it out on her ;)