Friday, September 10, 2010

Creepy Carnivale Banner

EDT’s Countdown to Halloween!
This week Heather Lynn maker of the adorable Coffin Critters collection highlighted in her etsy shop Coffincritters brings us the perfect décor item for those mystical fall nights that lay ahead of us.

DIY-Creepy Carnivale Banner
Last year, I turned my hallway into a dark sideshow carnivale for Halloween. I came up with an idea for a decoration that is VERY inexpensive to make, and very easy! Because you hang it as a streamer, it also takes up a good amount of space and is a great way to border a room for that creepy circus feel!

Here is what you need:
*Paper or rigid fabric. I used construction paper because it's cheap and easy to work with. You may also use scrapbook paper, felt, etc. Primary colors work best here! Use a variety of different colors, and alternate them. You can get four triangles out of one sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper.
*Hole punch
*String, twine or cording. You can be creative with this! You may even use lace or corset tape for a Victorian feel! I used hemp cord.
*OPTIONAL: skull or skeleton ornaments, plastic spiders or bats, stamps, paint-use your imagination!


STEP 1: Lay your first sheet of paper horizontally, and fold it in half.

STEP 2: Cut along your folded line.

STEP 3: Take one of your cut pieces and fold the corner over. Repeat on second piece.

STEP 4: Cut of excess paper and save for another project.

STEP 5: Cut along your fold to make two triangles from each piece.

STEP 6: You should now have four triangle pieces. Punch a hole in one corner of each piece.

Repeat these steps on the other colors of paper you wish to use.

STEP 7: Once you have cut several pieces of the colors you want, cut the size of twine or cording that you need. Make a small loop on one end so the triangles will not slide off. Slide the triangles onto the cording to form your banner. Do an alternating pattern, or select your colors at random. Once finished, tie a small lop at the the end of the cord.

STEP 8, OPTIONAL: embellish as you wish! I hung skeleton ornaments I got from the dollar store from the cording. You may also decorate your triangles with paint, stamps, etc. Dye your paper with black tea or coffee first for a more rustic loo. Be creative and have fun!!!

STEP 9: Hang on wall, over doors or windows with thumbtacks or pushpins.

Hang one of my "Bone Juggler" prints on the wall as a perfect finishing touch! You may find them in my faerydustpixy shop.

Be it humorous or romantic, cute or creepy, Heather Lynn uses many types of media to try to illuminate the beauty and magic that can be found in darkness. Pretty faeries, cute zombies, and the horror of the undead all live harmoniously in her world of creation. She uses a variety of media such as: oil paint, clay, paper, digital, colored pencil and more.

For more of coffincritters on the web you can find her at …

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