Friday, October 1, 2010

Costume Ideas

EDT's Count Down To Halloween!

This week on the Etsy Dark Forums, as one can imagine, there has been a lot of talk about Halloween costumes. I noticed that Foreverfall, the maker of some of the most amazing art dolls you have ever seen, came up with a ton of really good ideas just off the top of her head. I collected them her to share with everyone.

Here are just a few of the Halloween costume ideas I've been thinking about lately...

Carnival Sideshow Theme...Lobster-claw sideshow performer- Just cut a hole in the crotch of some panty hose and put your head through it and wear the leg parts as sleeves (don't cut the feet out, or just cut a small hole for your thumbs.) It will give the illusion that you have lobster clawed hands.

Or, you could go as a tattooed lady and just go to town on your face with some face paint.

You could also go as a fortune teller and hand out fortune cards like the ones they used to have in those machines (You can always make up your own fortunes and print them off on sheets of business cards on your printer).

Some other ideas are...
Burnt Buddy Holly: Dress up like Buddy Holly (Thick framed glasses, suit- preferably from a second-hand store , skinny tie, slicked pompadour hair and a cheapo yard sale guitar, if you can find one). Paint half your face like it is burnt with face paint. Add tears to half of your suit (on the same side as your face burns), and then use burnt coloured acrylic paints such as reds and browns to paint parts of the torn half of your suit to look like it's been burned or singed. You can water down the paint to make it thinner for the singed look. You can also get some orange and red cellophane from your local craft store and cut pieces to look like flames. Attach these to the shoulders of your suit jacket with super glue or a hot glue gun.

The Hermit: This is a simple, but recognizable costume. To go as the character that is depicted in tarot cards and who also made an appearance on the cover of one of Led Zepplin's albums. Wear a big black cloak with a hood (black worn out clothes underneath) and carry a lantern. Voila!

Fruit Bat: Make a simple tunic out of faux fur from your local fabric store (about 2-2 1/2 yrds should do). Wear black leggings and a black, long sleeved shirt underneath. Attach a line of velcro to the underside of your sleeves (the part that touches your sides when your arms are relaxed at your sides.)

You can make simple wings mom-styled by cutting an obtuse triangle shape out of black fabric or a couple of black slips. Make sure the bottom (the longest side of the triangle) is slightly rounded. Then scallop around the rounded edge of the rounded side. Make two of these. Sew one of the flat sides of one of the triangles to the side of your faux fur tunic just below the armpit. Then do the same with the other triangle to the other side of your tunic. Add the other half of the velcro strips (from the ones that you attached to your sleeves) to the other flat side of the triangles. Once your whole outfit is on, you can velcro your wings and your sleeves together so that when you outstretch your arms, people can see your wings.

Make a necklace out of fake fruit and string found at your local craft store.

To make ears, get a simple black head band and some tan fleece. Cut four large Spock or elf-shaped ear pieces out of the fleece. Sew two together pieces together. Then turn inside out. Do the same with the other two pieces. Then sew them to the head band.

ForeverFall's creations welcome you to the realm for the strange and unusual. When she was a kid, she used to draw pictures of pumpkin towns where it was forever fall and the villagers celebrated this big on-going Halloween fest. With that in mind she creates items that could have been purchased at the markets in these make-believe towns. Hoping the experience that you may have in coming to her shop will reflect upon you in this same way. And that you too may feel like a child again, preparing for a spooky yet memorable evening of mischief and mayhem.

For more of ForeverFall on the web you can find her at …


faerydustpixy said...

She is just so creative! I would never have thought of any of those. The Buddy Holly one cracked me up.

BlacknickSculpture said...

Cool ideas! I like the sound of that Fruit Bat costume :)