Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a wrap!

Looking for something unique to give the one you love for Valentine's Day? 
Or did you buy the one you love a piece of jewelry and want a unique way to "wrap" it? 
How about a gift for yourself to keep all your decay in?

Well look no further. This is my latest creation.. a Mummy Coffin Decay Box. It is painted a sandy beige color and wrapped in white gauze for that monster Mummy look. It is lacquered to protect the paint and features a mini Mummy movie poster on top. The mini poster is also lacquered to protect the image. The inside is also painted a sandy beige and lined in a sandy beige felt for a nice soft finish for all your spooky treasures.

Purchase it in my Etsy shop - HERE!

LDG Nicole

Monday, January 30, 2012

Shop of the Week: ParasolsByTamie.etsy.com

One of a kind high quality hand embellished parasols, each is a unique art piece built on a sturdy modern stick umbrella. I use a variety of sheer & lace fabrics as well as bead, lace, and fringe trim. Having never made the same design twice, owners of my parasols can be assured that no one else will show up to the party with the same accessory. Don't see the parasol you want? Get in on the creative process! Tell me your favorite color, fantasy theme, or describe what you are looking for. Custom work costs more due to supply cost. Contact me for more details.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beauty and Brains 2

I just completed my 2nd Beauty and Brains Zombie Wall Hanging. 
This ghoul comes with..
Blue/Grey rotting, bloody flesh
One brown eye and one oozing empty eye socket. 
Pretty green eye makeup
Long ragged black hair with bangs 
and a slimey, bloody grinning face

She can be all yours ...purchase her in my Etsy Shop - HERE!

LDG Nicole

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doll of the Dead

Introducing my latest and greatest...

A Zombified Corpse Doll

Please note this is NOT a toy. This is a decoration/piece of art for adults and is not intended for children. 

Doll was made to be in sitting position so she will easily display on any shelf. She was approx 16 inches before she was put into display position.

She has the following...
* bloody blonde hair accented with a bloody white rhinestone bow
* one buldging blue eye & one oozing empty eye socket
* greenish brown rotting flesh. 
* Her right foot has been removed to give her that rotting decayed look and her hands have been bloodied to give her that mysterious "did this doll come to life and do something bad" appeal
* To complete her look she is wearing a cute, lacey yellow dress splattered in blood. 

This is the 1st of many to come! So keep an eye on my shop! 

If you really like her but are interested in a custom doll please contact me for more info HERE!

To see more of my zombie creations click HERE!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's a zombie in my hair!!!!!!!

Another Zombie Decay item has risen from the dead.
This has got to be the tiniest zombie head I have ever made :) and the cutest!
This little zombie head sits amongst bloody putrid lime green flower petals 
for that dark diva that likes to rock her love of horror on the outside!
You can purchase it in my Etsy shop HERE!

LDG Nicole

It's a nice day for a dead wedding.......

My latest and greatest undead creations.......
Bite Size Bride and Groom Zombie Couple Head Prop/Decorations!!

These little guys are for sale in my Etsy shop HERE!!

This set includes a groom with auburn hair with a dusty top hat complete with blood. The bride is blonde with a tattered bloody veil. Both have blue/grey rotting flesh! Rotten and ready to ship!

These would be a great wedding or anniversary gift for that horror movie or zombie fanatic couple. They would also be great as added decor for a horror/Halloween/zombie themed wedding. Because they are bite size they would also make a great and unique cake topper!!

If you would like me to customize a set of these for you please contact me HERE! I can make these in various flesh shades (blue/grey, green/yellow, peach/brown/flesh) and any hair color.

LDG Nicole

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shop of the Week: SwampratPhotography.etsy.com

We are a couple from cleveland who are into sleazy rock'n'roll, vintage things, "the good ol' days," kitsch and low brow art, backwoods hillbilly nonsense, and creepy stuff. Our tastes are reflected in our photography, as you can see! We especially like going on adventures and taking pictures in weird, abandoned places.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today ONLY Giveaway

Attack of the Craft is giving away handmade goodies every day in January.

TODAY ONLY, go win one of my Maneki Neko Mini Plush Ornament *AND* a Reversible Headband (similar to below)!! Go enter - it's easy to win! http://www.attackofthecraft.com/stage/showthread.php?t=7632

ManekiNeko-OrangeSparkleBlk2 Headband-RosesForTheDead1-2

xx ~Static

Monday, January 16, 2012

Evil Clown Doll...

He's available on Etsy...

Shop of the Week: StudioSFineArt.etsy.com

...I've been an artist all my life, since I first began scribbling comics and cartoons in a cheap, ill-suited Mead composition book. I was always drawing and, naturally, as time passed, my artistic leanings became a bit more serious until I decided I'd probably try and attend an art school instead of a liberal arts college. Eventually, I was awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design. I left that school, however, to pursue writing... Read more here.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brains & Beauty!!

How would you like to own your very own piece of the undead? 

How would like to display it on your wall like a hunting trophy?? 

Look no further!!! 

This is the first of my new set of Zombie Dead Girl Beauty & Brains Wall Hangings!!! 

You will received the beautiful ghoul pictured! 

Complete with...

Rotting green flesh!

One blue eye and one oozing eye socket!

Bloody blonde hair accented with a red rose - pin up girl style!

The back of the wall hanging has a mask like string you can use to hang it on the wall.. 
..or if your feeling fun wear it on your own face!! 

Adopt her HERE in my Etsy shop!! 

Want me to customize a Zombie Girl Wall hanging for you? 

Want to choose her hair color, eye color, flesh color and accessories?? 

Contact me here or check out my Custom made to order listing HERE in my Etsy shop!

LDG Nicole

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shop of the Week: WickedBadNaughty.etsy.com

I am a glass artisan and complete glass junkie. I've been creating and repairing glass professionally for over six years now. I started my apprenticeship at the Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Studio in Dallas, Texas, under David Kittrell and Michael Riffkind. I have also taken many, MANY classes there with Donna Merrill whom is an excellent bead artist and instructor. I've also studied fusing there with Rhonda Mitchell who teaches several fusing classes and is also an excellent studio artisan as well. No one told me when I started that there was no 12 step for this addiction... lol...which is why I made it my company slogan. When I'm not cutting glass for stained glass and art glass windows, I'm fusing it, torching it, sandblasting it, painting it, buying it, touching it, coveting it, thinking about it, eating, living, breathing, dreaming about glass. I lurvs me some glass. lol };D

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Official Google Blog: Happy 100th birthday, Charles Samuel Addams

Official Google Blog: Happy 100th birthday, Charles Samuel Addams: From time to time we invite guests to post about items of interest and are pleased to have H. Kevin Miserocchi, executive director of the Te...

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year... Time to Get Batty!!

I took some vacation time during the holidays but was still hard at work. 
I came up with a new line of Dead Girl Decay barrettes/pins I call Batty Burlesque.
I took rubber bats and painted them in various shades of glitter paint. 
I then attached different types of feathers to make large barrettes/pins with a burlesque feel. 
That's right..... like my Dead Girl Webbed Decay these can be worn as either a barrette or a pin giving you 2 different accessories for your money!

You can purchase them in my Etsy shop - HERE!

LDG Nicole

Shop of the Week: Mystikal1981.etsy.com

I'm drawn to creating the Gothic, Elegant, Beautiful, and Mystikal. I hope you enjoy my shop. Here you will find only the highest quality genuine Stones, Crystal, or Glass beaded items.

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