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Thursday, January 28, 2010

newagedolls - Doll Giveaway! (ends Jan 31st)

Check out for a chance to win a free doll =D

Naughty or Nice

Will you be naughty or nice this Valentine's Day?

Show off your sweetness or lustiness with a Love Monkey! You can keep one for yourself or give one to the person that holds your heart in sway or both!

[L: Dark Love Monkey Imp, R: Love Monkey Cherub]

These adorable Monkey Ornaments can be made into pins if you prefer, just leave me a note in the Message to Seller during checkout. Or maybe even a custom color combo could be made if you ask nicely, shoot me a Convo.

Be sure to check my shop for other great gift items such as my Burning Heart pillow covers or maybe a OOAK Teddy Bear, among other things. More coming soon. Well as soon as I can find my black embroidery thread, that is ;)

xx ~Static


A doll who hates dolls...

She's available on Etsy...

Monday, January 25, 2010

New doll...

She's 22 inches tall, completely hand stitched, and available on Etsy...

Miniature Apothecary Cabinet

I am happy to present a new line of cabinets that will be appearing regularly at Kaleidoskopic Romance.
From now on, there will be available Apothecary cabinets to decorate your chemist, pharmacy or laboratory. All jar and bottles will feature reproductions of real vintage apothecary labels.
As usual, any custom order is welcome!

These cabinets have been discontinued by my supplier, and I only have a few left. If you want to secure yours, contact me with your request before they are gone.

New at Chenille Macabre!

Is it Winged Monsters Week or Demon Week over at Chenille Macabre? Eh... bit of both! The popular Skeletal Demon and Flamedrake miniatures return, along with a brand new tyoe of monster: the undead Gallows Wraith!

Over at the AMPUTHEATRE store, things are getting risque: the sexy succubus Mandibula resurfaces, this time in a topless corset!

All handmade, all unique, all signed! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Doll...

She's available on Etsy...

Miniature collector? Birthday Give away!

This week is my birthday, and I am doing a give away contest. The prize will be a lovely 1/12 scale miniature to celebrate a Dark Valentine's Day.

Follow me to my blog, details over there... If you love classic vampire stories, you have many possibilities to win!

New Doll from Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles

Sara Shelf-Sitter sits on shelves... or on the edges of tables, too. She was created for this, and is happiest in this position- as happy as glum Sara can possibly be.

Sara Shelf-Sitter is, with her hair, seven-and-a-half inches tall. She is created from polymer clay, paints, pastels, yarn, and recycled and vintage fabrics. Her arms are semi-posable, her legs are not.

You can find her at Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles.

New at Chenille Macabre!

It's Greatest Hits Week from the pipe cleaner pandemonium known as Chenille Macabre! Three of our most popular miniature models return to the store: the Vampire, the Werewolf, and the Gillman! Also resurfacing in the store is the evil Jinglebunny; arguably the most recognized psychopathic maniac of ALL of AMPUTHEATRE's psychopathic maniacs!

All handmade, all unique, and all poseable! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

New Doll...

She's available on Etsy...

Monday, January 11, 2010

New at Chenille Macabre!

New monsters have arrived at Chenille Macabre! Proven popular beasts such as our Anarchists and Pigmask Killers restock the stores, while an all-new breed of horror- the Brain Reaver- surfaces! And on the AMPUTHEATRE front, the vicious leucrotta warrior Gnash returns- salivating for battle!

All unique, all handmade, all signed! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEW items

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year New Doll...

Happy New Year everyone!

She's available on Etsy...

Luxurious bed for your dollhouse

Surely your witch or vampire needs a comfortable bed to rest in...
If so, they'd surely appreciate this luscious mahogany bed decorated with black lace, black satin sheets and burgundy velvet coverlet. It includes also two pillows and a decorative cushion with a black rose.
A fantastic acquisition for any Victorian, haunted house or witch's home!
One of a kind, only at Kaleidoskopic Romance!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year from Chenille Macabre!

Chenille Macabre- your one-stop-shop for one-of-a-kind madmen and monsters- unleashes first monsters of the new decade! Behold the spectacular Kitsune Figure with Twin Bladed Tonfa! Flee in terror from our newest Dollfaces and Psychopaths, and take to the skies with our new Swampdrake miniature!

All handmade, all unique, all signed! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Etsy Dark Side Finds: Black Christmas

Welcome to the Etsy Dark Side. We are the roaming fox fires in the darkness, the sparkling mist in the ever shifting shadows, faerie rings flow in our wake. Come join us!

♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦

EtsyDarkTeam's theme for December was Black Christmas! Here's a peek. Be sure to check out the current Exhibition for more great items!

Row 1: TatteredRags, DoBatsEatCats, SweetButNotSour, CoffinCritters
Row 2: SWStitchery, KitCameo, AgonysDecay, CustomZombie
Row 3: ChenilleMacabre, JammerDesignz, KaleidoskopicRomance, OddSpell

Get your Halloween/Dia de los Muertos/dark side fix anytime of the year by searching for "EtsyDarkTeam" on Etsy! Check out the EtsyDarkTeam search here.

And, be sure to check out the team shop where we have some items that 100% of the proceeds go to Bat World! Help the bats, help our environment... one wing flap at a time!

  ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦

Not signed up with Etsy yet? For shame!

Signing up is free and easy. Just click here & begin enjoying all the hand made, unique wonders Etsy has to offer.

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The Etsy Dark Team now has a public Fan forum where you can stay on top of the latest items & deals from EDT members, or peruse the Member Directory, view the latest additions to the monthly Exhibitions (items are added throughout the month) and more. Come play with us on dark side.

♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦

Happy New Year, my darklings! xx ~Static