Friday, August 6, 2010

Spooky Confetti Eggs

EDT’s Countdown to Halloween!
This weeks installment of EDT's Countdown to Halloween is brought to you by me EJPcreations . I'm going to share a little item I love to make for Halloween. It's my spooky Confetti eggs! I hope you have lots of fun making them.

Eggs- As many as you desire
Confetti- I use the paper that has been shredded in my shredder, but you can buy confetti or just make some with a hole punch
Tissue paper
White glue- Elmer's or Modge podge is fine
Pin or needle
Acrylic paints

At my grade school for our May festival, each child had to make a dozen confetti eggs to be sold for the school fundraising. This was always one of my favorite things to do because it is fun to make them and even more fun to use them. The whole point is to run up to people and smash them on their heads leaving confetti streaming down their hair, or throw them at someone so that when they break there is a puff of confetti exploding in the air. The shell makes them very durable, but when they are broken it doesn't hurt the person they are broken on. The only thing that can hurt is if the person breaking gets over zealous and smashes them full force on your head. I never understood why this was a spring activity when it would be just PERFECT for Halloween pranks so here it is I give you my spooky confetti eggs...

1- Take all the eggs that you want to make into confetti eggs and leave them out on the counter for a little while. Not too long you don’t wan them to spoil, but it’s much easier to empty them if they aren’t cold.

2- Next you need to get all the egg parts out of the egg so you are just left with the shell. Make sure you have a bowl under you so you can do something with the egg goop later... looks like scrambled eggs for dinner ... or French toast Yummy!

3- Take a pin ( I use a bead reamer, but not a lot of people have those lying around), and at one of the points of the egg's oval poke out a tiny pin prick of a hole. Just make little tiny poking jabs at the egg to open it up, but be gentle you don’t want to crack the egg. Once you have that one get to work on the other side. The next hole should be much bigger than the first because that is where the eggs insides are going to come out of, but don’t make it to big so that the egg shell looses its structure integrity. This takes a little practice and some finesse but just take it slow with little pokes nipping away at the edges of the hole until it’s about the circumference of a dime or a penny.

4- Next put the little pin prick hole up to your mouth and gently blow. Your breath will force the egg goop out of the shell on the other side ( just like getting frozen orange juice out of those little cans as a kid) Just remember to go slow and gently so the weight of the liquid doesn’t force the hole to crack and get bigger.

5- With all the eggs liquid out it’s time to wash the inside of the shell. Just put it under the faucet and flush water through it. Give it a really good rinse you don’t want a spoiled egg smell to accompany your eggs weeks later when you use them. After your done rinsing, them make sure to blow all the water out as well just like you did to the liquid part of the egg.

6- Now let them dry at least over night. Other wise when you put the confetti inside it will be all mashed together and clump.

7- The next day it’s time to fill your eggs. You can use any type of confetti you choose I use the paper that has been shredded in my shredder, but you can buy confetti or just make some with a hole punch. Maybe even getting some orange and black papers and hole punching them. gently take a little pinch of confetti and place, or spoon it inside. If your little hole is small enough on the other side the the confetti wont seep out, but if that hole is to big take a dab of your white glue on your finger and spread it around the hole then tear off a little square of your tissue paper and place it on the glue covering the hole. That will seal it up nicely. Finnish scooping in the confetti don’t make them too full but you want enough in to make a big impact. Maybe fill up the egg half way.

8- Once you’re done filling it’s time to seal up the other end. Again take a little of your white glue on your finger and spread it around the hole then tear off a little square of your tissue paper and place it on the glue covering the hole. I prefer to use white tissue to blend in with the egg, but I have seen amazing confetti eggs where they had used different colors of tissue paper and incorporated it into their design. Just remember try to use as little glue as possible. The main point of these eggs are to crack or smash them on peoples heads if you use a lot of glue when they hit the head instead of a nice soft crack the glue will make the shell very hard and might hurt someone.

9- After the glue dries it’s time to decorate them. Acrylic paint is the best for this. Get as creative as you want. It could be a great activity to do after pumpkin carving.

10- Then you can place them in a pretty bowl for a lovely table decoration, once dinner is over the egg battle can begin!!!

11- An alternative version of this is that instead of confetti you could fill the eggs with really small favors for a prank Halloween gift giving. You have to crack the egg to get at the surprise... just a thought.

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