Friday, October 29, 2010


EDT’s Countdown to Halloween!
This tutorial is brought to you by DeviantMachine. Creator of the most adorable Pet Demon Bunny you have ever seen!


1 box (4 packs) unflavored knox gelatin
Red & Black food coloring
Liquid latex
Small glass bowl
Disposable plastic utensil for stirring
Wax paper or plastic grocery bag to protect counter
Hot water

To get started...
Figure out where you are putting your scabs.
Clean and dry the area.
*You may want to shave the area, especially if it's the top of your arm. The latex and gelatin will pull the hair out!

Lay out your wax paper or grocery bag on your counter
Set out your other supplies: bowl, stirring utensil, toothpick, gelatin, food coloring, latex.
You can either microwave some water, or let the tap run til hot. It doesn't need to be boiling.

Pour 1 pack of gelatin into bowl. Add drops of hot water while stirring.
This is going to be about a 1:1 ratio. With so little water, it sets fast!

You want to get it to a sticky, chunky goo consistency.
Now you need to add your red food coloring, probably about 10 drops.
My bottle of black food coloring does not have the dropper top, so I use a toothpick to get a little to mix into the gelatin.

You want it to be chunky and look like a bowl of flesh!

At this point you have a couple options.
I have put it directly onto my skin, and I have let it dry before applying.
It all depends on if you have created any other prosthetics on your skin that you are using this for...such as open wounds made with fake skin and latex.
I'll say that for this, you are just applying it directly to your skin.

Take your blob of scab and lay it on your workspace. Flatten it out as much as you can. You want it to look like pulled off scabs.
Let it dry (hold it's shape). This will take anywhere from 30 min to an hour. (You can even make these a day ahead of time!)

Add a layer of liquid latex over desired area of skin...let dry.
Add another layer of liquid latex and set the dried scabs on it.
(*If you are allergic to latex, skip these steps!)
**You can also use wet gelatin to smear on your skin, and set the scabs on it to hold them in place.

You can paint around the scabs or add fake blood like I did for the picture.

You also have the option of making the scabs without the food coloring, and just painting over all of it.

The gelatin blobs also work great as chunks of flesh for hanging out of your mouth for a zombie costume!

When you're done for the night, just peel it all off.

Enjoy freaking people out!

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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

I freaking love this post!

BlacknickSculpture said...

Excellent! That burnt flesh looks truly cringe worthy :)

You should have left the shaving tip out so the removal came as a surprise ;P