Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips for a Frugal Halloween Party

EDT's Count Down To Halloween!
This weeks instalment of our countdown to Halloween is brought to you by the all powerful queen of stitches herself Static White of SWStitchery. With her amazing talent she can not only make monkeys hang from your trees, but cute little piggies fly as well. So take a listen to her most festive and frugal Halloween party tips.

Tips for a Frugal Halloween Party

I was at the local dollar store and wandering through the aisles I thought "Wow I could throw a fairly awesome Halloween party on the cheap." Not that I really am but I can pretend. So in my wanderings not only did I eyeball the Halloween decorations... Okay, I did buy a couple Halloween decorations but who can resist? Not I, said the cat. Besides I never did replace my old skeleton.
Get back on track. Right. *Ahem* so I found black paper plates, cups, plastic utensils & even napkins. There was a cutsie set with a ghost, witch & black cat but I'm not going that route (in my head anyway).

You could leave a stack of these by the door for those that fail to dress up:

Not only will they look like serial killers (which is cool) but they sweat profusely in punishment for not dressing up. You don't need to mention that part just snicker and hand them a drink with some of these floating in them:

Skip the pumpkins and go for the skull ice cubes. Or maybe some Skull jello shots!

If you find a good dollar store they should have all sorts of other goodies right now like foam tombstones, cauldrons, skeletons, plastic goblets, etc. Hey, in this economy every dollar saved counts but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! The one I was in even had Halloween candies, lots of skull decorations, plus streamers, basic food stuffs (think ingredients) and I even saw Margarita mix!

Hmm, maybe I will have that party after all...

Static White love's creating quality handmade items whether it's clothing, dolls, or various forms of art. Weird, wonderful, and random, her items are generally one/few of a kind. All created with an artistic eye, stitches like sutures & a wee touch of madness.

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Gothcupcake said...

Great post! I know I tend to stock up at the Dollar stores around Halloween on basic supplies. I have some of those skull ice cube trays, and the woman in line behind me when I was buying them was convinced I was using them for jell-o shots!!

Static White said...

Aha! So I'm not the only one that though skully jello shots :D

faerydustpixy said...
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faerydustpixy said...

I think I spent around $100 on party items at the dollar store last year! It sounds like a lot, but would have been 5 times that if I had gone to a regular store. Good finds, Static! Those masks are super creepy.

Nae Marie said...

Excellent post! I -love- the dollar store for all kinds of seasonal (Halloween and otherwise) goodies! There's no place cheaper to find candles for all types of occasions, plus they seem to have amped their Hall-stash up a bit this year, so you can even find severed limbs for doorstops and serving goodness if you're of a mind. ^_^

Plus those ice cube trays are utterly adorable. I think I'll get some this afternoon! :D