Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Make Fake Blood

EDT’s Count Down to Halloween!!!
Can you have a Halloween party without a big vat of fake blood? I DON’T THINK SO!!! So here’s a little recipe for it from one of our own Debbie of AbyssalGems. Miss Debbie makes fantastic baubles in her shop AbyssalGems. As well as mixing up wicked bath products in her Etsy shop blackrosebath . My favorite has to
the coffee exfoliating soap so you know her blood reciepe is going to be special.

How to Make Fake Blood

You'll need the following:

1 bottle of karos Corn Sryup

1 bottle of dark red food coloring

1 bottle of black food coloring

Pour 1 cup of karos corn syrup into a bowl then drop about 10 drops of dark red food coloring and 10 drops of black food coloring into the syrup ( the food coloring that works best is the ones made by wilton because its the same consistency almost as the syrup) mix it all together until it thickens and begins to look like actual blood.

Use however you plan on using it, whether its to smear on your costumes or to use on your skin.

Washes out easily with soap and water. As a decoration I usually put it into a oil burner and left it out on a table at my front door for Halloween. The kids LOVE it! They thought it was the real thing.

For more of Twelve years ago Debbie became attracted to the idea of expressing her creativity by making jewelry she could share and sell. During that time she was happy to learn that people like her work. And now her pieces are being worn by many who like the fact that they are getting one-of-a-kind items that they like --- because they like her style and sensibility.

AbyssalGems on the web you can find her at …
Shop: abyssalgems
Blog: blackrosebath.blogspot


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Cool recipe, do you think I could get away with making this instead of supper? What fun, my grandson is going to love this.


BlacknickSculpture said...

That is a cool recipe to know! Thanks for sharing it ;)

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

ahh yes this recipe takes me back even to my childhood days ha ha

faerydustpixy said...

I will definitely use this fun recipe!

idle hands designs said...

Thanks! I've always wanted to make my own blood. Oh wait we already do! xoxo Lyndsay