Monday, June 29, 2009

New at Chenille Macabre!

This week at Chenille Macabre, it's Beastmen and Bogeymen! First we introduce an all-new species of miniature at the store- the Satyr- who's joined by another of our popular Rakshasa cat warriors!

Then on the Bogeymen front, two glow-in-the-dark horrors come at us from the dark! Behold the chain-rattling Ghost Mini, and also the brisk-selling Slasher Mr. Eyeball Plucker from AMPUTHEATRE- The World's Goriest Board Game!

All handmade, all unique... all macabre! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Friday, June 26, 2009

Featured!: EtsyDarkTeam on

Weary of the sweet & sunshine? Come ease your eyes over at GrigioDesign's blog which is featuring some dark & delicious members of the EtsyDarkTeam in her current Top 10 Friday!

Featured on Buy Zombie!

The great Buy Zombie did a nice piece on my Zombie Mommies!

She's the last one of the first batch raised. I'm working on some more now. I think I'm going to do a bride Zombie Mommie. ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Darkside Soap presents - F.O.T.G.

OK, it all started out innocently enough. This yellow goo started ozzing through the walls of the lab, so we fed it to our chickens. They got huge & we had giant omelets for breakfast everyday. Well, then the rats got into the goo...and well, now they're terrorizing the neighborhood. Oops...
Ok, now we figure we gotta get rid of this stuff, so we put in in the cauldron & made this batch of soap from it. It smells great too, like Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. Note that application may cause enlargement of body parts, so please use liberally on the buttocks.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Calling all dark siders!

i have a friend in pasadena who's going to be opening a shop in september. heres a list of items she's looking for:

leather goods,
bags, purses,
hair accessories,
bondage gear,
unique metal goods
and of course, candles, soaps and bath junk.

if you'd like to sell some of your items in her shop, please contact her @ sorrow [!at]

her names veronika sorrow and pleae let her know that i gave everyone here your names!

thanks guys!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New at Chenille Macabre!

A new slew of miniatures have arrived in Chenille Macabre this week! Whether you enjoy Dollface Psychos with Barbed Wire Bats, Ghost Pirates wielding cutlasses, or evil leopard spirits with sai, there's a mini waiting for you!

All unique, all signed, all handmade! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shrunken Head Voodoo Doll Shirts & More

In honor of my recent trip to New Orleans I now have my Voodoo Shirt available in my Etsy store. I have S, M, and Large available. They're so darn adorable! I also have a bunch of new items listed on Etsy as well. Check them out!!!

Buy Handmade

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Free shipping on absolutely everything at!!
This free shipping sale won't last long.
If you have your eye on something now is the time to scoop it up.
Pop on over!

Featured!: EtsyDarkTeam, SWStitchery & The Redding Shift on HandMadeNews

I've been mentioned in two articles on Handmade News!

The first is concerning giveaways as a fun promotional tool which includes mention of the EtsyDarkTeam and my favorite Rock band The Redding Shift:

Pic: Some of the goodies from my May giveaway which also included a custom color Maneki Neko (not shown)

The second is a featured article on Handmade News called Helping Others Helps Everyone: Put a Little Love in Your Heart. The article talks about charities and quotes me about the EtsyDarkTeam's involvement with the Bat World Sanctuary:

For Bat World items from the EtsyDarkTeam follow this link. More added all the time so  check back often! Also if you's like to donate directly to Bat World Sanctuary or just read up more about them and what they do, go to

Special thanks to Xane Dravor of HouseMorbidLtd for writing the articles! ~Static

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Purple Eyed Kooky Crow Pin Brooch

Purple Eyed Kooky Crow Pin Brooch

This kooky Black & Goldenrod Crow Pin is cut, pieced together and sewn completely by hand, making each one unique and OOAK (one of a kind)! The layered felt & a bit of polyfil give them dimension so they look cute from any angle.

♥ Approx 4" wide
♥ Purple glass seed bead eyes

If you'd like a different color combo ~or~ would like one as ornament ~or~ even on a snap clip just Convo me through Etsy & let's talk.

If you like this Crow you might also like his Green eyed sibling!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New at blacklilypie

Two new sets of stickers at!

monogram sticker setgoth girl sticker set

Monogram Sticker Set (Customizable!)
and Gothic Girl Set.

Both are sets of 18 stickers, and are only $4.
And, as with many of the items in my shop, you only pay shipping in the first item. :-)


GrigioDesigns just receive a rave review over at SweetButNotSour's blog, here's a snippet:

Well, I've had this ring in my faves for I don't know how long- but it seemed like a long time! I wanted it, but money has been tight, until recently! I finally bought it!!! I couldn't help myself. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to something special, just because!

Please pop on over to SweetButNotSour's blog for the rest of the review!:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cabinet for your witch or wizard scene

A new cabinet filled with potion ingredients, just in time for the Summer Solstice!
Take it home and be delighted by its potion bottles, the Ouija board, Book of Shadows, crystal ball and mortar and pestle.
Add a bit of magic to your haunted dollhouse! Be fast, these cabinets do not last long listed...
Grab it today at Kaleidoskopic Romance!

Gals with Gas Masks and So Much More

If you have a "thing" for victorian ladies and gents sporting gas masks and other creations of that ilk, then I have good news for you: I have just listed some of my previously unavailable pieces for sale in my etsy shop, Down & Dirty Designs. Below lies a little sampleI will, however, be adding more pieces throughout the day, so feel free to check back to see what eye candy has been added. I hope you have an absolutely outstanding Thursday!


Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Featured! on BuyZombie yet again!

Wow this site knows good Zombie when they see it! LOL ;) It was actually suggested to me a while ago by Stuart, the mad zombie poster of BuyZombie, to make a Zombie Batling. So since I finally got around to actually making one I thought it only fair to name it after him, the Zombie Batling named Stu! He in turned featured my latest creature on BuyZombie (yet again!)!

Check it out here:


Monday, June 8, 2009

New at Chenille Macabre!

The horrific mummy Ankhmotep and his evil Phoenix warbird rise from the blood-drenched arena of the AMPUTHEATRE to introduce an all-new slew of miniatures from Chenille Macabre! It seems to be all blades this week at the store... the Pigmask Killer likes his cutting utensils short, the Minotaur takes his long, and the Anarchist takes his spinning! And LOUD!

All handmade, all unique, all signed! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Creepy Dolls!

She's available on Etsy for details...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gothic Beauties

Another Gothic Beauty ACEO print in the shop...

Vampire altered art

I've been having fun trying my hand at some vintage altered art images the last few days, mainly sweet saucy mermaids, but here is my first Vampire influenced ACEO print. Hope you like it.

Featured!: SWStitchery on

A wonderful follower of the all things EtsyDarkTeam, Stuart Conover (you may know him from BuyZombie), has featured me over at ShinySwine!

Why, you ask? Because pigs DO fly dammit, that's why!

Please check out the feature at the above link, it's pretty damn funny.

xx ~Static

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zombies, Pirates, Rats, & Cats!

It's been a little bit since I last updated this blog! I haven't gotten any sleep for a few days, so please excuse this entry if it's less than eloquent tonight, lol!

I'm really getting into the mirror face pendant necklaces, and I think I'm going to be on this kick for a while ;) So far I've created bats, and cats, and puppies; and now to add to that collection I also have a zombie, a pirate, a rat, and a new kitty with a fishbone rather than a tail! The pirate and zombie are part of my "Have a Nice Day!" spin-off pieces, and they are each "Have a Nice Plunder!", and "Have a Nice... BrAAaaIIiiNS!" respectively.

Take a look at the listings for these new pieces by clicking on each photo!

Creepy Dolls

I just listed a new doll on Etsy... come check her out!

Featured!: IllustratedInk on

From the fingers of SomethingDreadful ("dreadful" as in the good creepy sort of way of course):

As a handful of you may know, I do these monthly artist spotlights each month. I've done...let's see...four now. I select someone from our team, ask some nonsensical questions about them and their craft, and then put it all together with samples of their work. They're great fun to do!
Well for the month of June I selected IllustratedInk and it was a very nice spotlight. Check it out if you like!
also, I've been featuring lots of EtsyDarkTeam items on my blog. Or sometimes just cool stuff that catches my eye. Hehe, like zombie shoes!

Definitely a blog worth following! xx ~Static

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Color Me Crazy Coloring Contest

Down & Dirty Designs is hosting its first ever coloring contest!
I use the term coloring quite can use whatever medium you chose (digital included).
But what's in it for me, you ask?
A free photographic print of your choosing courtesy of Down & Dirty Designs/Le Coeur Rouge Photography.
The contest begins today and ends on July 3, 2009.
Complete details along with the coloring sheet are available at
Down & Dirty: stumble down the rabbit hole.
I can't wait to see what all you creative geniuses come up with!
Happy coloring!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Featured!: DismantledFashions on

Our one and only Madhouse Mauly has started a series of shop features on her blog, recently DismantledFashions.

Here's a snippet:

Say hello to Emily ~ Emily likes to sew. We like what Emily likes to sew. You will too. Promise.
Please describe what you do:
I make rockabilly/psychobilly/vintage inspired with a twist clothing. Sometimes accessories as the mood strikes me.

Please read it, follow, comment and pass it along!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Pirate's Life For Me

My newest creation

New at Chenille Macabre!

We're restocking proven favorites at Chenille Macabre! Miniatures of Werewolves, Lizardmen, and Psychopaths return to our hallowed halls!

In the AMPUTHEATRE store rises an all-new threat: Loggerhead! Leading a gang of knife-wielding, gun-toting thugs, Loggerhead out-numbers and out-brawls anyone in the arena with him!

All handmade, all signed, all unique! Buy yours today!

-The Gil-Monster

Etsy Dark Side Finds: Gone Batty!!


Welcome to the Etsy Dark Side. We are the roaming fox fires in the darkness, the sparkling mist in the ever shifting shadows, faerie rings flow in our wake. Come join us!

♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦

The EtsyDarkTeam's Gone Batty this month! At least that's the theme of this past month's exhibit ;) Here's a sneak peek, but be sure to check out the entire Exhibition for more great items!

Row 1: SWStitchery, AbyssalGems, JammerDesignz, NatashaBlue, SicklySweetheart
Row 2: DreadfulDesigns, Sneddonia, MissMalarky, TragicStitches, AgonysDecay
Row 3: FreakyLittleThings, DeadDollsClothing, CarpeNoctem, SistersOfTheMoon, KaleidoskopicRomance
Row 4: SyntheticSeductions, FiveFootFury13, IAmSnizzle, Beanbun, LushPunk
Row 5: KitCameo, SpookyLane, ChenilleMacabre, MrsEvils, BellaLili
Row 6: ParasolsByTamie, SilentOrchidStudio, SharonHBell, SweetButNotSour, Sneddoniart

Be sure to check out the team shop where we have some items that 100% of the proceeds go to Bat World! Help the bats, help our environment... one wing flap at a time!

  ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦    ♦♦♦♦

Not signed up with Etsy yet? For shame!

Signing up is free and easy. Just click here & begin enjoying all the hand made, unique wonders Etsy has to offer.

Don't forget to search the keyword "EtsyDarkTeam".

The Etsy Dark Team now has a public forum where you can stay on top of the latest items & deals from EDT members, or peruse the Member Directory, view the latest additions to the monthly Exhibitions (items are added throughout the month) and more. Come play on dark side.

xx ~Static