Friday, July 29, 2011

The Gaslamp Choker

This choker was the inspiration from that particular area. The pendant that hangs from the bottom of this unique piece is the perfect example of the gaslamp district.

The pendant depicts a rather large gaslamp with people playing around it and on the side are black and clear rhinestones that really set the pendant off.

The length of the choker measures to 16 inches in length and fastens with a heart shaped toggle clasp.

Thanks for looking in!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Witchy Cabinet up for sale

A fabulous and wicked cabinet to add to your witch or wizard collection!
Already filled up for you with potion bottles, books, crystal ball, unicorn horns, poisonous mushrooms and pumpkins - everything you see is included!
As always, we are open to custom orders, so if you want a cabinet made to your specifications, feel free to contact us.
Only at Kaleidoskopic Romance.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Shop of the Week:

aNGrYGiRL Gear brings dark, alternative styling to custom clothing. Black fabric, metal accents and bondage straps feature prominently in my designs.
I have been sewing professionally for more than 7 years as of this writing, and I have been sewing as a hobbyist for more years than I care to remember. I do it right, I do it well, I don't cut corners, I don't accept anything less than perfection. I'm a bit obsessive about it.
All aNGryGiRL Gear is made to the highest possible professional standards. All seams are finished and topstitched where appropriate. All hems are finished. Hoods are fully lined. Lighter weight fabrics are backed to improve sturdiness. aNGrYGiRL Gear is notoriously substantial ~ the pieces are heavy, sturdy enough to last for years. aNGrYGiRL Gear is sewn on professional equipment ~ I sew with a Brother DB2-B755 Mark III Lock Stitch industrial sewing machine and a Viking Husqvarna Huskylock 910 overlock serger.

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Dr. Brainy!

Now available in my shop. Crochet pattern of Dr. Brainy! He is a little weird but a great docter who specializes in the undead! Go meet him

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last week for Christmas in July sales!

So why not get started early on your holiday shopping list? My Etsy shop has an already-marked-down 25% off section. Which I just so happened to add some Batlings & the Vampire Eyeball Coasters to...



And, while your at it, here's the Christmas in July sales from my beloved EtsyDarkTeam!

xx ~Static

Monday, July 18, 2011

fresh meat

Soul Windows...

You know when you buy things for yourself but then months later realize I'm never going to get around to using that (because your "to do" is a mile long most likely) but it's so awesome? Yeah, I used to do that a LOT and still do occasionally. But, thankfully, I have a cute little Supply & Destash shop over on Etsy to share it all with you! I also have a few supplies I try to list as often as I find them because, well, they're that damn cool. For example, EYEBALL BEADS:

Eyeball Beads

The center Bloodshot beauties are nice heavy Glass Lampwork. The Eyeball Beads surrounding that are all light weight Acrylic. So dive right into the sea of eyes and take your pick!

I only have a small amount of the Eyeball Beads in stock but if all goes well they'll be back in the shop as often as possible!

xx ~Static

Shop of the Week:

The original sculptures you see here are my own work, beginning almost 20 years ago up to the present date. I work almost totally in clay and one piece can take weeks or even months to complete just the sculpting part of the process alone. Once I'm completely satisfied with a piece, I then kiln-fire and hand-paint every piece myself, with rare exceptions... More info here.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mary's Graces: GIVE AWAY

Mary's Graces: GIVE AWAY: "This is our first give away and we are excited. I found a beautiful old sparkling crystal rosary at the flea market. The woman in the booth ..."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Braainnnnnssss Crochet Pattern- By: Fun and Fang

EDT's Count Down To Halloween!

Braainnnnnssss crochet pattern.

This cute but creepy brain, likes zombies...... for diner.
You can make him yourself by downloading this crochet pattern. It is easy to read and has clear pictures. The finished brain, will be a great party decoration or you can make him into a key chain and give him as a present to all of your friends.
Of course it is also the perfect decoration for Halloween! Put him into a little jar and he will help you scare everyone who visits your house. Click Here To Download Now

With funandfang, I try to combine weird with cuteness. I adore everything with fangs, so most things in my shop will have a fang or two in them. I mainly design crochet patterns, but I also make embroidery art and some spooky printables.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas in July

It's time for the Etsy Christmas in July sale!

My sale section is currently 25% off!

I would have joined in on Etsy's CiJ sale sooner but, well, I was one vacation. Surely you can forgive me :) To make up for it a bit, repeat customers/EDT members... you know that coupon code you've got? Stack it! Seriously. Do it before I find my mind that has apparently slipped out of my ears.


xx ~Static

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shop of the Week:

It was a windy April 3am when a sharp rapping rang out, as if made by a small hard object tapping against the glass of an ordinary front door of an ordinary brick home in an ordinary suburban neighborhood. Investigating, the couple that lived there found sitting upon their doormat a beat up old tophat. And in that tophat was a tattered sleeve cut from an old black sweater. And wrapped in that sleeve, snoring gently, was a tiny human child. And lying atop the child was an old yellowed playing card. Scrawled upon the back of that card in smudgy black ink was simply this: "Ours is no life for a child. Give him a good home and he will bring you good fortune."

... Find the rest of the story of Sean Hexed here.

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Absinthe soy melts

These are soy melts in the shape of skulls heads. Any goth or anyone else would love to burn these in their homes or even rooms or bathrooms!

Why soy? Soy is better for the environment because it burns cleaner and longer and is also natural. Soy is also a renewable resource, as well as a sustainable resource to the environment, whereas paraffin contains petroleum and emits toxins into the air that damages our lungs.

I only have one set of these available, but i can make more, upon request. They come in a package of six and can be burned over and over

thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair this weekend

Hey guys! The Renegade Craft Fair is THIS WEEKEND!!
I think everyone should go. I will be there with my new Zombies and my new Puffer Fish(es)
Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, right near the Golden Gate Bridge.