Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of the Year Features Galore

It been a crazy month for us on the Etsy Dark Team! The general holiday scramble, last minute orders, personal shopping, and so on. We've had some great features, reviews & interviews in the meanwhile so here's a summary for you that you should absolutely check out!

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MarysTreacle was interviewed on Oh Honestly Erin:

"Have you ever laid awake in bed at night thinking about how you want to be friends with a  girl who bakes delicious cookies, serves their friends coffee proper-like in vintage cups, and OH YEAH makes gorgeous art? Well, I found her..."


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Cloud & Ky of VoodooRabbit were interviewed on Little Waltz:

"...let me assure you that these two Brisbane ladies are just fantastic! Absolutely great personalities, and I'm not even being bias because they are fellow EGL and EGA lovers! So sit back and get to know these two colourful personalities, and as a treat, we got both of them to answer the questions, not just one!..."


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A basket full of us were yet again(!) featured on Upon A Midnight Dreary:

"The Etsy Dark Side Street Team is a collection of Etsy sellers joined by their love for the macabre, twisted and sinister."


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ForeverFall was featured on Odd Etsy:

"...Forever Fall has a great Edward Gorey feel to her work..."


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One of Creeplings tentacle creations is featured on Tor.com in a giveaway! You still have time to snatch it up (ends Noon EST Mon Jan 4th):

"On the second day of Cthulhumas Tor.com gave to me...
Yule horror spawned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy..."


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A review on MonstrousIndustry's ezine, Monstress, is up on The Art & Musings of Roz Inga:

"My new love is zinetress Una of Monstrous..."


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And last, but definitely not least, one of new members SillyCut is featured on The Rik Rak Studio:

"...if there is one thing that i'm especially addicted to, fashion-wise, it's scarves. scarves and cowls and neck-warmers..."


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Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year, everyone! xx ~Static

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year End Doll Sale

♦♦♦♦ SALE ♦♦♦♦ SALE ♦♦♦♦ SALE ♦♦♦♦ DEC.27-JAN 2 - 35% OFF EVERYTHING

**Tell Jade you saw this here and get an extra 5% off**

Check out the dolls at www.TheMorbidDollhous.com
Enjoy =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays from Chenille Macabre!

Gangbangers! Gillmen! Ghost Pirates! Psychopaths! It can only be another handful of miniature evil from the pipe cleaner pandemonium that is Chenille Macabre! We're proud to announce a small restocking of our popular Psychopath Miniatures! Buy yours today while they're still incarcerated!

Speaking of stockings, it's just about time for the holidays, which means I get to take a week off from building and Etsy stuff. See you in 2010, and have the best of times on your way there!

-The Gil-Monster

Friday, December 18, 2009

Skeletal Dropkick and Ochibo at Renegade in SF!

Don't miss the 1st ever Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in San Francisco this WEEKEND! Etsy's Dark Side member Skeletal Dropkick and her alter ego Ochibo will be there representin' and selling their awesomely made wares (like THIS and THIS!). With over 150 artists, you're sure to check off anyone left on your list, and perhaps pick up some gifts for yourself!

Wicker shelf for your witch or wizard dollhouse

An original and new twist to the traditional wood cabinet! This time is a black metal shelf imitating wicker. Full of goodies to stock up your supplies for potion making and altar objects.
One of a kind, not to be duplicated, ever.
Grab it while you can at Kaleidoskopic Romance!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Etsy Dark Side Finds: Creepy Sea Creatures

Welcome to the Etsy Dark Side. We are the roaming fox fires in the darkness, the sparkling mist in the ever shifting shadows, faerie rings flow in our wake. Come join us!

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EtsyDarkTeam's theme for November was Creepy Sea Creatures! Here's a peek. Be sure to check out the current Exhibition for more great items!

Row 1: CustomZombie, SharonHBell, GroovyMoonCreations, ArtAkimbo
Row 2: MonstrousIndustry, ChenilleMacabre, SilentOrchidStudio, IllustratedInk
Row 3: Creeplings, AgonysDecay, IAmSnizzle, DoBatsEatCats
Row 4:GypsyEye, KitCameo, ForeverFall

Get your Halloween/Dia de los Muertos/dark side fix anytime of the year by searching for "EtsyDarkTeam" on Etsy! Check out the EtsyDarkTeam Holiday search here.

And, be sure to check out the team shop where we have some items that 100% of the proceeds go to Bat World! Help the bats, help our environment... one wing flap at a time!

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Not signed up with Etsy yet? For shame!

Signing up is free and easy. Just click here & begin enjoying all the hand made, unique wonders Etsy has to offer.

The Etsy Dark Team now has a public Fan forum where you can stay on top of the latest items & deals from EDT members, or peruse the Member Directory, view the latest additions to the monthly Exhibitions (items are added throughout the month) and more. Come play with us on dark side.

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I am so sorry I'm late in posting this! It's been just one thing after another lately and I would have fallen out of my chair when I still saw this in my drafts but I sit on the floor. So not so much a fall as a slump.

Enjoy! xx ~Static

Monday, December 14, 2009

Clearance Sale!

Sale over at Perfidious Beadworks, big markdowns have been put in the "SALE" section and smaller markdowns are all over the place, pretty much in every section--I've dropped the prices a couple of bucks on quite a few things.

Need to make room for new stuff!

And I did post six new mourning pins, with more new designs to come.

New at Chenille Macabre!

In time for the holidays at Chenille Macabre: a terrifying figure of a Medusa!

Six inches high and terrifyingly poseable! Buy her today!

Oh- and if you're capable, be sure to join the all-new Chenille Macabre Facebook page!

-The Gil-Monster

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Busy Week For Etsy's Dark Side Members

Lots of events this weekend!  If you're in the Seattle area, don't forget to stop by on Sunday for Mourning Market's Haunted Holidays at Club Motor

EDT member, Room3Designs will be there along with many of the Northwest's spookiest vendors.  There will be FREE "Body Bag" giveaways for the first 40 patrons!  Don't miss Seattle's Premier Dark Arts Event.

Also in Seattle is "Lit - Art on Matchboxes From Across the US and Beyond" at Twilight Artist Collective.  Dark Team member, Sharon Bell has a piece in this exhibit which opened on Thursday. 

Sharon is also showing at Rivet Designer Toy and Art Gallery in Columbus along with fellow EDT member, Erina, of TragicStitches.  They each have plush pieces at Rivet through the month of December which you can see HERE.

In Chicago on Sunday, DoBatsEatCats will be selling her wares at The 1901 Gallery's Gothic Winter Craft Faire. If you're in Chicago, come see the best of Chicago's local gothic and alternative crafters!

A busy week, indeed!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Come Visit Abyssal Gems!

Stop by on december 13 to say hi to abyssal gems and check out what ill have for sale! Heres where ill be:

Concordia University-Gym Breezeway
1530 Concordia West
Irvine, Ca. 92612-3299

For directions/maps please click on the link below:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sneak Preview of New Pieces

Yes, I've been totally slack in making new stuff. The recession is a bit of a Catch-22 in that I don't seem to want to make anything new because nothing much is selling right now, but then I can't sell anything if I don't make up something new. I royally suck.

But I got a spark of inspriation (caffeine maybe) and whipped up a handful of new designs and I've been sketching like a madman.

Preview of some new merch I'll be posting at Perfidious Beadworks tomorrow. All have Victorian-era French Jet beads and reproduction photographs from my collection. I've custom-ground the glass that goes over the photos this time (at work while the boss wasn't looking), instead of the amber glass globs I've used in the past. I'm kinda getting tired of beading those damnable things!

I've also been learning Victorian hairwork and have a few pins in process that have a lock of hair in a "mourning knot", plus I'll be weaving up a few bracelets as soon as I get a comparable fiber. Hmmm, maybe eBay sells horsehair?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Come out this weekend and visit Abyssal Gems

December 6 from 12-6pm:
1. Azusa Winter Family Fiesta & Tree Lighting
213 E. Foothill Blvd.
Azusa, Ca.

2. Meow Meowz
2014 N. Lincoln Ave.
Pasadena, Ca. 91103

3. December 13 9:30-3:30;
Red Rabbit Holiday Arts and Crafts Market
Concordia University-Gym Breezeway
1530 Concordia West
Irvine, CA. 92612-3299
For more info, go to: http://www.redrabbitworkshop.com

Come out and enjoy the day and have some fun!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nocturna's Dark Holiday Market

Looking for some alternative gifts this holiday season?
If so then stop by Metro on Clark st. in Chicago on December 5th. 
Along with the regular dark tunes from DJ Scary Lady Sarah they will
also be having a Holiday Dark Market with many vendors including EDT's own DoBatsEatCats (click the link to preview some of her amazing jewelry).  As always the party is open to those 18+ but will
be opening 2 hours earlier at 10pm for extra shopping time.

For additional details check out the following links:




Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Dark Dolly

Seems odd to call Belladonna a new doll as I made her before Halloween, but her "travel Coffin" has taken some time to complete! Belladonna is a rather naughty fairy, some would say evil, hell bent on poisoning small children with her delicious dark cherries... well, we all need a hobby :o) She's finally listed in my etsy shop Freaky Little Things but due to her size (and the coffin!) she isn't going to be cheap to ship, so I've only listed her for the UK for now. Pleased to get a quote if anyone is interested in her though. Nos Da x