Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review: Trade - Pt2! DreadFulDesigns.Etsy.con & ArtistaMuerta.Etsy.com

I traded a 5 piece skulls and bones magnet set with ArtistaMuerta for one of her glass flaming heart necklaces in dark purple.

(Read ArtistaMuerta's thoughts on the trade HERE)

Communicating with ArtistaMuerta was wonderful, she's so nice! The packaging was so cool! It was very professional and pretty at the same time and made mine look really shoddy in comparison XD Shipping prices were about the same so all around a pretty even trade.
I'm so happy I did this trade, I'm wearing it now actually and I frigging love it!
Even my cat liked it.


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Nightmare Anthology said...

That's a beautiful necklace! Love the kitty also lol :)