Monday, February 16, 2009

Beads and Dead Things

Edgar Allan Poe, Tobias, and Emma pins.

New stuff at Perfidious Beadworks. I haven't really been in a beading mood this month, it's been too damned cold to chase beads around with a tiny needle. These three pins have been sitting in my embroidery hoop for weeks. All I needed to do was cut them off and finish up the backs. Feh. I need to get ahold of more large faceted Victorian beads but I've thus far been too lazy to scour my favorite vintage clothes shop's scrap bin. I love the scrap bin. But cold & lazy wins out over love, I suppose.

Casketmaker's Studio and Undertaker's Demonstration.

Two more miniature wood-framed photographs, both nicely morbid Victorian-era images, the undertaker's pic being from an embalming manual. This time I managed to not hack my left thumbnail in two like I did with the last batch of frames.

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