Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nevermore Necklace and Skull Cameo! New!

Hooray for new stuff, aye? Well, these have been in the making for a while and have finally materialized.

The first I am so psyched to finally list! I've started a small series of necklaces centered around a Poe theme. I'm using the word 'Nevermore' from his narrative The Raven and have used various vintage and modern elements to fashion it into a charming necklace.

The Listing!

Check out the above link to see it in better detail. I'm pretty pleased with it and really excited to finish the others I have in the studio.

The next started out as an experiment and it didn't quite turn out the way I would have wanted it to, but it's charming in its own way. A handmade skull cameo choker!

The Listing!

I feel like the quality of my pictures is actually getting worse XD But after an afternoon of trying again and again, I eventually just had to settle.

And so, yes, there they are! More items will be added this week as well so keep coming on back.


Yve said...

They both look amazing in the photos but nothing can compare with having the real thing I guess. I find photography quite frustrating too! :o)

nitebyrd said...

I absolutely love the "Nevermore" necklace. Stunning!

ArtSnark said...

Love the Nevermore piece! Genius!

KitCameo said...

I bought Nevermore! It is mine, you can be jealous now. >:)

Anonymous said...

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