Friday, February 13, 2009

AMPUTHEATRE figures at Chenille Macabre!

Okay, this is that big crazy thing I was warning everyone about, and here it is:

To those of you not in the know, I created and patented a gory board game called AMPUTHEATRE (my website's down- don't remind me.) It uses horror figures with removable limbs and heads and drenches its playfield in blood and guts and fire. It's received a patent and it's got a cult following around here in upstate New York throughout horror and game conventions both.

But I'm sick of trying to contact plastics companies and freaking out about productions costs. So I'll do it the nutso way: These eight figures- Malice, Gnash, Jinglebunny, the Jack of Clubs, Ashezz, Nine Lives, Mr. Eyeball Plucker, and Mandibula- are the first wave of AMPUTHEATRE figures currently for sale at the Chenille Macabre Etsy store.

Each one is custom-made by me, has removable limbs and a head, and will come with their Slasher Sheets, Bloodcounts, and game markers. I am asking between $25-40 for the figures, inherent upon the effort required to make them. To make them affordable, the figures have been scaled down to 3" in height, and they play on a 6 x 8 square grid, with spaces measuring 2.25" square (in case you wanted to get started on making a board...)

I always said I'd never do this, because it would be nothing sort of in-motherporking-sane and I'd never meet demand. And yet, there's something liberating about doing these all by myself... no compromises on their appearances, no ungodly costs towards plastic production, able to change their costumes if I like... yeah. This should be fun.

The rulebook is coming soon. Honest. It's packing art from Chris Pallace and Kevin Serwacki, so I want it as bad as you do. But I wanted to get the figures up today- Friday the 13th- in preparation for the possible Wikipedia article about this game.

This is the first wave. Next up are Lycosus, Crucifiend, Trigger Treat and the Thicket. I'll have them up soon. I want to see how well these guys do.

Wish me luck, okay...?


Something Dreadful said...

What a fascinating and horrific (in the best sense) concept! I'm enthralled by this board game you've designed. Freaking awesome!

I'll have to keep an eye out for updates. :) Best of luck!

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Lots of luck to you!