Sunday, February 8, 2009

New this week

A few listings from last week had to be pulled because they became damaged. And a few of my listing that were planned for this week have disapeared, I'm assuming feline involvement on both incidents.

That being said....New for this week

I'm going on vacation from Feb 16th-23rd. My shop will be on vacation mode durring that time and will reopen Feb 24th.


Yve said...

Tee hee! Can't imagine why your Kitties should be interested in the Spider jewellery? My Cat spent almost 3 hours sat watching the spot a real spider crawled under the sofa last night after she'd "played with it" a bit.

Carpe Noctem said...

If it had been the spiders it would have made more sense. She ran off with 3 pin up charms and damaged 4 others. **sigh** I had forgotten what kittens were like. lol

Something Dreadful said...

lol, sounds like your kittens have a Masters degree in Mischief just like mine. I have many an occasion cautiously combed the litter box; sweeping like a forensics agent for missing beads that I suspect were ingested.

Hmmm, I've been pining for one of your spider pins for so long now. I think I may have to either try and tempt you with a trade or just buy one out right. XD But really, I adore them. <3

Severina said...

Dang those kitties! I have one who is 17 years going on 6 months who thinks I have to share all my "toys" with him.

He also seems to want to use my lapdesk as a springboard--usually when it's full of beads.