Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New line of products for Victorian dollhouses

Many of us are aware of the importance that Victorians gave to their mourning periods. After all, they did picnic at the cemetery and wore strands of hair of their deceased in their jewelry...

To honor Victorian mourning tradition, I hereby present the Mourning Line of Kaleidoskopic Romance. A series of white and black boxes depicting Victorian artwork and mourning objects to complete your Victorian house. More designs will appear in the future, so stay tuned. And as a special treat for Halloween time, this week's special is the box of post-mortem pics!

A collection of real post-mortem images presented in a white and black box, loose to display as you wish. Wouldn't this add a touch of creepiness to your dollhouse or diorama? Don't let them slip by!

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Emme Toaye said...

I suppose that the loved ones were photographed after death because it was too expensive to photograph anyone except on special occasions, and if one died before that occasion came to be they were photographed on a last chance basis. Very interesting subject and yes it kind of creeps me out a little, but I'm sure many will find it fascinating.