Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Slasher Sale BOGO!

Everything in the Slasher Sale section of my Etsy Shop for the month of September is buy one get one of equal or lesser value for free!!! Items must be in the Slasher Sale section of the shop to qualify for this deal!!!! Go get em and spread the word!!!

Also remember to please check out the Roses for Rosie Fundraiser items!! The items remaining will only be available online for the rest of September because the Buddy Walk is at the beginning of October. For more info regarding this fundraiser see my previous post here!! A HUGE thank you to those of you who have already purchased items or helped spread the word about these items!! You guys rock!!

Stay posted because the undead will be taking over my Etsy Shop very soon!!! You will definitely want to be infested by what I have in store!!

LDG Nicole


Emme Toaye said...

Love that name "September Slasher Sale" what a great idea! Halloween is less than 60 days away and I am going to celebrate each and every one. I found some great flat plastic glow in the dark 5 foot skeletons at a yard sale and have them still belted into the back of my car because they look so cool with their hands so strategically positioned waving hi to everyone. I think I'll leave them that way 'till the end of All Hallows Eve. Great luck with your sale!

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Yah everytime I clearance stuff in my shop I call it a slasher sale.. ha ha. Its ver "me" ha ha. I love all things horror.

That is awesome about your skeletons!! HA!! I bet they are a trip!