Monday, September 27, 2010

18" Tall Vintage Movie Monsters Halloween Tree

I created this tree from a wire sculpture underneath and garland outside and hand-sculpted most of the ornaments or built them from scratch.  Only the spiders were bought but altered to suit me and I added a spiderweb ribbon tab to hang them from and a tangled little piece of webbing rests under each spider as though he has begun spinning a web there.  It's difficult to tell from the pictures but this tree is lit with 50 purple lights that really shine in person.  Not so much in this photo though, hard to see but I have more pictures on the listing for further viewing.  The photos are of black and white movie monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, his bride, even a haunted house.  It is available in my Etsy shop now here at:
along with many other Halloween items.

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