Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Mini Undead!

Big undead announcement!! The mini dead are here!!

Thats right! I have now started to make mini versions of my zombie heads!!

The great thing is that because these zombie heads are smaller in size I am able to sell them for less then what I sell the life size ones for. So for people who love the life size ones but can not afford them you now have the option of purchasing the mini ones starting at only $45 (and up if customized)!

I have added a custom listing for these on my Etsy shop here!!!

So right now if you are interested in purchasing one you can contact me through the listing on Etsy or the contact the Dead Girl Link here!!The sooner the better so if orders pick up you can have yours in time for Halloween!

Please pass on the good undead word to people you know!

LDG Nicole

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