Friday, September 18, 2009

Review by Zombie Edwards & MrsB!

My August giveaway was a blast with over 100 entries (thank you!), awesome poems/stories (which I still want to post for all to enjoy :D) & comments plus 2 winners! Two lucky ladies received: A Tiger Batling Brooch, Skull Charm Clip, Scrap Bat Pin & coupon from SWStitchery. A bar of Gassy Uranus soap & Sticker from DarkSideSoap. Clove Lipgloss from HandmadeHorrors. Art Card & coupon from Somnambulant. Pin from StarrlightJewelry. Magnetic Calendar & Pin from MrsEvils. A scented Dream Pillow from LeftHandedGoth. Coffin Bat Gift Tag/Bookmark from AgonysDecay.

ZombieEdward has kindly posted a review of her goodies here:

And, MrsB has also posted a lovely review of her giveaway goodies here:

♥♥♥I'm so happy everyone is enjoying their dark side goodies♥♥♥

And big thanks to my team mates for swapping their awesome promo with me! xx ~Static

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