Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hard Times

Raise your hand if you have NOT been affected in some way by our current economic situation. Is your hand up? Really? Well, congratulations! And "psssst, over here, we've got somethin' to show ya."
O.k., really I just wanted to create a post to give a little extra linkable love to some of our members who've had a rough way to go recently due to "hard times" (economic situation type or just because type). If you've been waffling over whether or not to purchase a little extra awesomeness, let me help you make that decision. DO IT! Don't leave the stimulation of the economy up to your neighbor. Your neighbor is not that cool.
I've picked one of my favorite things from each "hard times" store (I KNOW, it was hard to pick just one!). Click on the picture to go directly to the selected item... AND GET OUT YOUR WALLETS FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!

Abandoned House Next to Graveyard by swampratphotography.

Dark Gothic, Skulls and Death Etsy Graphics Set by StormDragon.

Spiderweb Purse by weluvzombies.

Pyramidal - pyramidal neuron necklace in black by Morphologica.

Elizabeth - Black white and red Victorian Shabby Gothic Neo-Victorian Cameo Necklace by BellaLili.

Dollhouse Miniature Vampire Boudoir Perfume and Mirror Set, Gothic Halloween 1-12 scale by CauldronCraftMinis.

Dia de los Muertos Original Painting by NatashaBlue.

Cthulhu linocut by MonstrousIndustry.

Bianca DeSpair by Shadovnia.

Bloody Girl Zombie Head Messenger Bag by SWStitchery.

Gun Toting Bear Plush by TragicStitches.


erin said...

very cool. thank you for featuring my "abandoned house" print. i hope all these great artists get a little attention out of this feature. i know i sure wish i had a job to support them!!!

Yve said...

You are all so amazing and deserve a change in fortunes... or to make a fortune!!! If I had some spare pennies I'd be spending them here:o) Good luck to you all xxx

Morphologica said...

Thanks so much for including me :) Very sweet xxxxxxxxx

erin said...

i blogged about this feature as well, so maybe that will bring some traffic to everyone as well.