Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Darkside Soap presents - Asbestos

Recently some of the lab rats were complaining about respiratory issues, so when I checked the lab, I found some white fibrous stuff in the walls. As I was removing it, some big chunks of it fell into the cauldron while I was making a batch of coconut soap. Um, actually I'm kidding, there's no real asbestos in this soap (note to self - double-check recipe to confirm no asbestos was used before you publish this). Oops...

Anyway, this soap actually uses a generous quantity of Brazilian Sea Salt, which is very good for the skin. When dry, the soap has a scratchy feel, but as it becomes wet it is a very smooth and surprisingly non-exfoliating's one of our more interesting creations. Oh, and did I mention it smells like coconut???


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Lady Miss Tiff said...

Ohh, that soap sounds wonderful! Squeaky clean AND smelling like coconuts....just add rum & I'd be a cocktail.