Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zombie Clutch Tote Toiletry Bag w- Disembodied Eyeball Tissue Holder

This large clutch is perfect for the Zombie on the go. You'll be the Zombelle of the Undead ball!

It also makes a great toiletry bag and will just plain creep the hell out of those nosy airport security when you, yet again, get chosen for a "random" search.

This ghoulish bag has a 100% Cotton Black & White striped outer, inner pockets panel, and 100% bright Red Cotton Canvas lining. The Zombie Head Silhouette on the front of the bag is hand & machine stitched Felt (no Zombie sheep were used). Each Zombie Head is cut, in detail, by hand making each bag quite unique!

♦ Dimensions: 12"W x 8"H x 4"D

AND, it comes with a matching Black & White striped Tissue Holder with Red Canvas accents! (Also known as a Misc Small Loose Body Parts Holder. No one likes lint on their snacks, you know?) On the front of the "Tissue Holder" is a completely hand stitched Felt Disembodied Zombie Eye.


Accessorize! The Freshly Dead Zombie Pin or Not-So-Fresh Zombie Pin go great with this bag!


Mrs. Evils said...

OMG...only the coolest bag ever! (must have)

nitebyrd said...

I have such a passion for zombies, this is so amazing!