Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Medium Corner - Wanna do a prophecy?

The Divination Arts have always had a great influence over man. Did you know that Nero and Hitler did not make important decisions without consulting first with their personal astrologer?
For those of you fascinated with prophecies and predictions, here is a fantastic piece of art to add to your miniature collection: The Medium Corner.
This high quality table features some curios used in the making and interpreting of prophecies, from Tarot cards to astral charts and Palmistry books.
This item is one of a kind, and will not be made again. Ever.

Or if clear crystal balls are dull for your taste, here is something to consider:

The Palantir that Saruman had in his tower of Isengard has arrived from Middle-Earth to Kaleidoskopic Romance just for you.
A nice addition to your Lord of the Rings collection!

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