Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have magic on the brain today it seems, so I've listed a few Harry Potter items in my Etsy shop today! Though they don't have to be Harry Potter for someone who isn't a fan, they could simply be a witch hat, a lightning bolt, and a pair of geek glasses! :) I leave it up to you, I just figure I'll get more hits if I tag 'em Harry Potter, lol!

Kit's Glass Etsy Kit's Glass Etsy Kit's Glass Etsy

I also just listed two new vial pendants, a little candlestick, and a sacred heart! These are the kind of bottle necklaces that people usually ask about, because they are just the right size to store a lock of hair or a bit of sand, or any tiny momento you'd like to keep with you. I have a friend who uses hers to carry a bit of black tourmaline as an amulet for energy throughout the day :)

Kit's Glass Etsy Kit's Glass Etsy

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