Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My boyfriend (Nightmare!) and I let each other pick out an item off Etsy for Valentine's day and this is what we got!

Anti-Valentine necklace & Nocturne Victorian Black Tattoo Ring

     We are SOOO happy with our gifts to each other lol. Also she included a little promo pack for the Dark Side - beautiful business cards, an awesome magnet, soap from AgonysDecay (which smells AMAZING) and lip gloss from MrsEvils (which I'm so bummed she doesn't actually sell - it's the best thing I've ever put on my lips!).

  We sent her a message the day we purchased explaining that they were Valentine's gifts to ourselves. Bellalili was quick to respond and let me know the tracking info the day everything was shipped. Our items were purchased on 2/14 and received it on 2/23. I think the post office screwed up though because I checked the tracking and it was 'stuck' at a town an hour away for 3 days!! The items arrived safe and secure thanks to the excellent packaging. The tins she uses to ship the items in are ADORABLE! We will definitely be using them to store craft items/beads in. 

  The necklace and ring were not only very, very reasonably priced they are BEAUTIFUL, even better than the pictures,especially the ring. There are so many details to it that were not captured perfectly by the photos! I definitely plan on visiting her shop again!

  What a great order/package!! Thanks so much BellaLili!



Yve said...

Beautiful! :o)

Mrs. Evils said...

BellaLili is amazing! I was admiring that ring myself! Glad you like the lipgloss, never thought about selling it...hmmm.

Tara Fortin said...

For some insane reason I didn't have this lovely shop in my favorites! Thanks for the wonderful review and for reminding me to remedy that. :-)