Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zombie Queen Perfume Oil

The debut of our newest oil, just in time for Fall-O'Ween!
We're very excited to introduce " Zombie Queen" created for the much loved and adored award winning horror author, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, the Mistress of Macabre.

Zombie Queen Perfume Oil

This dark but beautiful oil is a blend of graveyard dirt, oakmoss and rose absolute. The earthy scent of just having crawled from the grave to claim her throne. 99% Natural ~ Vegan ~ Alcohol Free.

The wind whispers, the dusk chill calls, the harsh hint of shadows as the daylight falls,Lurking in shade, and out of the tomb... the Mistress awaits to seal your doom...

A potent perfume oil made with skin loving oils which absorb quickly, perfect for scenting and softening your skin and hair. Add a few drops in a warm bath or one of our oil warmers for a sensory experience. You will recive one 10 Ml glass amber bottle with a reducer, allowing perfume to be applied by the drop. Packaged in a black organza bag with a bit of moss from the Zombie Queen's tomb.

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