Monday, July 28, 2008

Dark Miniatures

Do you own a dollhouse?
Have it occurred to you that you can decorate it "in the dark side"?
Recent changes in my dollhouse have bring this little idea.
Here you have a witch or wizard basket with all that you need to begin to explore magic: one basket, 2 pillar candles with candle holders, 1 roll of parchment, a crystal ball and a dragon egg (ready to hatch!).
More kits will be coming, so stay tuned...
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Camille Minichino said...

Another dark side project ... I'm a mystery writer with a miniatures theme, so I do crime scene room boxes.

I also have a mortuary dollhouse.

Thanks for your ideas; the candles are especially wonderful.

Camille/Margaret Grace

Teresa said...

The basket is so cute! The love your ideas!

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Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

Thank you for your comments :)