Friday, July 18, 2008

Angels And Demons And Zombies!

Good Morning everybody! Just dropping by to share some my latest dolls...

This doll was made for the upcoming Nibblefest Art Contest, the theme is Angels & Demons.

She's 22 inches tall, completely hand stitched, and carrying a little book of the dead and a chained cross.

There are lots of detailed pictures in my Blog .

This one is a Zombie Chick... she's covered in gaping wounds and carrying a poor little dead kitty!

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StemOfThorns said...

Awesome! Love the dead kitty...


Tommy said...

I'd love the zombie girl for my desk! Until it started to move while I was busy writing, of course...


SpiderBaby said...

Now those are just cool!

Jodi said...

Thanks guys :)

Funny Tommy! I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one who imagines them coming to life!

I like to think about them jumping off the shelves and running into my kitchen late at night to try and reach the knife drawer hehe!

And I swear, I am nowhere near as weird as that makes me sound... it just comes along with the territory :)