Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Chance for the Halloween Sales!

Look, you see this bunny? He's crazy. He want you to use this 25% off coupon code, EVILBUNNIES, or else he's coming after me. He's already drained my car battery and did something to the starter so I had to replace it. At least, I'm pretty sure it was the bunny.

You don't want anything to happen to me do you? No, of course not, because you a sweet wonderful person who loves buying creepy-cute handmade things like Batlings and Pocket Zombies. So start your Holiday shopping early and help a girl out would ya?

*Pssst* come a little closer... TREACLE will get you 20% in my supply/destash shop, StaticWhite. Eyeball beads, coffin boxes, skull beads... hun? *eyebrow wiggle*

xx ~Static

PS - You can find other Halloween sales here, hurry they end tomorrow too. Erm, I feel Evil Bun Bunnee eyes on me again... *eep* got go!

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