Monday, October 3, 2011

19th Day Miniatures presents the Headless Horseman, 1/12 scale

Update-now SOLD-My Mom in Law Sherry and I worked very hard on this completely hand-made sculpture from top to bottom. It took us 9 days to make this working as a team. Everything but the wooden base is hand-made. We started out by sculpting free-hand this gorgeous spirit horse, called a Goblin in the original story by Washington Irving as can be read here:
This is our version of the Headless Horseman from this story, which was said was damned Hessian Soldier who would ride through the night searching for heads to slice off with his sword until his own could be found. The flaming pumpkin head was said to be thrown at people. It's the perfect tale of intrigue and fear for the Halloween season :)  Here's our sculpture:

This item just sold and is no longer available for sale.

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