Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New section in my shop

It's called "Absinthe Memorabilia". I have been visited by the Green Fairy, and I keep having visions of Absinthe minis to fill up living rooms, pubs or spirits shops. It's a work in progress, so keep checking regularly for new designs. If you happen to miss any of the items that you like because it sold, please don't be shy and drop me a line; I'll be happy to make it again and list it up reserved for you.

Did you know that apart from green, there are clear and red Absinthe? Some manufacturers have even created a black Absinthe! Today I happily present the new Absinthe Tunel Red, made after a real Absinthe brand; it comes with its own gift bag for extra special presentation:

Bring the Green Fairy right into your dollhouse! Designs exclusive of Kaleidoskopic Romance.

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Anonymous said...

RED Absinthe? I am fascinated!