Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featured!: IllustratedInk on

From the fingers of SomethingDreadful ("dreadful" as in the good creepy sort of way of course):

As a handful of you may know, I do these monthly artist spotlights each month. I've done...let's see...four now. I select someone from our team, ask some nonsensical questions about them and their craft, and then put it all together with samples of their work. They're great fun to do!
Well for the month of June I selected IllustratedInk and it was a very nice spotlight. Check it out if you like!
also, I've been featuring lots of EtsyDarkTeam items on my blog. Or sometimes just cool stuff that catches my eye. Hehe, like zombie shoes!

Definitely a blog worth following! xx ~Static

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