Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Featured!: EtsyDarkTeam, SWStitchery & The Redding Shift on HandMadeNews

I've been mentioned in two articles on Handmade News!

The first is concerning giveaways as a fun promotional tool which includes mention of the EtsyDarkTeam and my favorite Rock band The Redding Shift:


Pic: Some of the goodies from my May giveaway which also included a custom color Maneki Neko (not shown)

The second is a featured article on Handmade News called Helping Others Helps Everyone: Put a Little Love in Your Heart. The article talks about charities and quotes me about the EtsyDarkTeam's involvement with the Bat World Sanctuary:


For Bat World items from the EtsyDarkTeam follow this link. More added all the time so  check back often! Also if you's like to donate directly to Bat World Sanctuary or just read up more about them and what they do, go to http://www.batworld.org/

Special thanks to Xane Dravor of HouseMorbidLtd for writing the articles! ~Static

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