Monday, April 6, 2009

Review of my recent purchase from Dead Spider

I had fell in love with Dead Spider's work since I first saw it. I was ecstatic when I found that she had listed her famous Thirteen Ravens labels as a miniature set, because my dollhouse was in need of an intriguing and bewitched look. Although I loved the idea, the titles of the labels were not what I was aiming for, so I contacted her to ask if it was possible that she customized the labels for me. She responded promptly, and was very nice and acommodating with my request. After I purchased them, she shipped them quickly, and they arrived some days later - very fast, considering they were coming from Canada. They were carefully packed inside a cute Thank-you card, and they were beyond fantastic, exactly what I was hoping for:

I had asked her to include a couple of repetitions of the titles, and she was very attentive to detail, because even when the titles said the same, the labels were different - the crow was in a different position, or a different size. The sheet even included instructions about how to apply them - for which I am very grateful. My miniature glass jars are now much better looking thanks to Dead Spider.
You don't have a miniature house? That's not a problem! Her labels come too in real-life size, and they would be an awesome addition to your bathroom or kitchen decor. Don't tell me you had not think about applying them to your spices bottles... Who says these labels are only good for Halloween parties?

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