Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Baker's Dozen of Batlings!

Thirteen bats later and I've finished the first batch of Batlings:

I've had a lot of requests for Mini Scrap Bats. Well these little cuties are inspired by my full sized Scrap Bats but are only about the size of a large crab apple and completely hand stitched!

♦ just over 2.5" Tall
♦ 4" Wide at the wings

More info in my blog or go straight to the Batlings, here.

And you can even order a custom Batling, here! I don't bite much and I love creating so don't be afraid to ask for custom items♥


Carpe Noctem said...

These little guys are way too freakin' cute.

pinkindus said...

super cute !