Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Darkside Soap presents - My Goodness, it's Guinneshhhh (part II)

Darkside Soap is happy to announce that batch #2 of "My Goodness, it's Guinneshhhh" is now available. The first batch sold out almost immediately, so based on that success, we went and changed the look of the soap. Yes, we at Darkside Labs learned everything we know about marketing from New Coke. If something is doing well, change it immediately.
Actually, this is a change for the better (we think)...we added cool black swirls to make the soap feel more at home at Darkside Labs. As you know, we buy our black oxides for our recipes in 2 ton lots.

For more info, here's the link - My Goodness, it's Guinneshhhh

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