Sunday, October 5, 2008


Check out these three great reviews for AgonysDecay!!

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Her skull cameos are beautiful! I currently own a black and purple one, along with many of her other creations. Her tissue box covers are wonderful, and bring such a spooky touch to an otherwise boring tissue box. Her spooky soaps are so cute, and smell great! She always gives her customers free items with their purchase as well, which always keeps me coming back for more! :)



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I love her stuff she has the most beautiful cameos and the cutest hair clips!!!!!



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When I was in Italy, I was fortunate enough to find a "real" cameo whose price I could afford. However, this cameo is smaller than 1/2 inch.
You want cameos? You can have plenty!! In Agony's Decay shop, you have big, beautiful, gothic, detailed cameos and cabochons, with awesome backings that you can use as pendant or brooch. Her customer service is the best of the best, and when you open her packages, it feels like it's your birthday.
You won't be disappointed if you visit her!


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