Monday, October 20, 2008

Chenille Macabre- Death from above!

A trio of winged horrors descend upon the Chenille Macabre store this week! From the abyss comes the sultry Succubus Mini! From 150 million years ago comes the vicious Pterodactyl Mini! And from your local graveyard comes another of Chenille Macabre's popular Gargoyle Minis!

Getting ready for the ZombieFest this weekend... see you there?

-The Gil-Monster


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

Those are so cute! But then again, I like monsters - cuddly ones that is. It's hard to be afraid of anything made from Chenille.

The Gil-Monster said...

Thank you very much!

Check out my other website: AMPUTHEATRE- The World's Goriest Board Game. I try harder over there for the scares. :P