Monday, January 9, 2012

Shop of the Week:

I am a glass artisan and complete glass junkie. I've been creating and repairing glass professionally for over six years now. I started my apprenticeship at the Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Studio in Dallas, Texas, under David Kittrell and Michael Riffkind. I have also taken many, MANY classes there with Donna Merrill whom is an excellent bead artist and instructor. I've also studied fusing there with Rhonda Mitchell who teaches several fusing classes and is also an excellent studio artisan as well. No one told me when I started that there was no 12 step for this addiction... lol...which is why I made it my company slogan. When I'm not cutting glass for stained glass and art glass windows, I'm fusing it, torching it, sandblasting it, painting it, buying it, touching it, coveting it, thinking about it, eating, living, breathing, dreaming about glass. I lurvs me some glass. lol };D

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Thanks so much for the shop love! };)