Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shop of the Week: Masque242.etsy.com

I'm an artist & fashion designer from Latvia, Europe. My designs are marked with MASQ-fashion sign.
I have been creating things from age I can barely remember myself..
I started to sew clothes for myself because I did not see "over the rack" type clothes interesting at the age of 11, for others at 16.. besides that I just like creating things around myself and colour them in my own way.
As for education - I have finished BURDA Riga clothing technology, modelling and construction professional program, so you can be sure that my creations are professionally made and will last.
In my free time I might be in some club spinning some good trad.goth, deathrock, darkwave, wave, synth, electro-punk and similar creepy tunes.

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