Monday, July 18, 2011

Soul Windows...

You know when you buy things for yourself but then months later realize I'm never going to get around to using that (because your "to do" is a mile long most likely) but it's so awesome? Yeah, I used to do that a LOT and still do occasionally. But, thankfully, I have a cute little Supply & Destash shop over on Etsy to share it all with you! I also have a few supplies I try to list as often as I find them because, well, they're that damn cool. For example, EYEBALL BEADS:

Eyeball Beads

The center Bloodshot beauties are nice heavy Glass Lampwork. The Eyeball Beads surrounding that are all light weight Acrylic. So dive right into the sea of eyes and take your pick!

I only have a small amount of the Eyeball Beads in stock but if all goes well they'll be back in the shop as often as possible!

xx ~Static

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