Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shop of the Week: BatsandPugs.etsy.com

I believe it’s the little things in life make us feel beautiful! And why not add a little flair to spice up your daily life?!? Here you will find a wide variety of Hair Adornments to suit almost any style. Each clip is crafted by me personally and made with fine detail and attention to construction. These are nothing like the hair clips you’ll find in a store and are higher quality with far more personality. I look for the best materials I can find at the best price so I can pass the deal on to my buyers. You will find an array of textures used in each design and though some pieces are produced in two’s or three’s, you’ll also find that I create many one of a kind’s.
As you will see, I try to create many wonderful styles and will periodically make themed clips. If you see a design you like, but it’s missing a little character, feel free to convo me and we can work on creating the perfect accessory for you.
It’s very important to me in knowing that the feathers I buy are cruelty free. I do check my sources the best I can and often.

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